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What Is 5G and How Will It Affect Data Centres?

Feb 15, 2018

2020 will be a big year for mobile networks with the introduction of 5G. We've answered the question what is 5G and how it might impact data centres.

The Future of Cloud Computing: 4 Predictions For 2018

Jan 29, 2018

With growth expected to continue, the future of cloud computing looks bright. Read our top 4 predictions on where cloud computing will be in 2018.

Neglecting Your Data Management: What’s the Worst That Could Happen?

Dec 22, 2017

Not managing your data correctly can have serious consequences for your business and its customers. Read our infographic to learn what can happen if you neglect your data management.

An Exclusive Interview With Telehouse’s Managed Services Manager, Nick Layzell On The Importance Of Connectivity In The Cloud

Apr 24, 2017

Today we see that cloud services are at a truly hybrid point of adoption at the heart of Digital Transformation. The cloud market is moving to maturity as confidence grows within organisations worldwide. This blog interviews Telehouse’s Nick Layzell, Managed Services Consultant, as he reviews how these these organisations move critical infrastructure to the cloud, across multiple cloud platforms and how access and connectivity are pivotal to cloud scalability, flexible costs and global accessibility. 

An Interview with Telehouse Technical Director, Andy Dewing on the Launch of Telehouse North Two

Jul 11, 2016

With the launch of Telehouse North Two scheduled for this summer, the industry has drawn its interest to the most anticipated data centre opening in 2016. The aptly named North Two is soon to become a refreshing new addition to Telehouse’s iconic Dockland’s data centre campus, symbolising over 25 years of heritage, unrivalled connectivity and ground-breaking innovation. This Q and A article with Telehouse Technical Director, Andy Dewing, was recently featured in HotLINX magazine.

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