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A Tale of 3 Smart Cities - London, New York and Tokyo

Apr 13, 2018

Smart cities are no longer a dream of tomorrow, but becoming an increasingly popular option for enhancing the sustainability of major metropolitan areas throughout the world. To enable the functionality of the advanced smart city technology, a superior level of connectivity is not only advantageous but essential. The rapid pace of technological advancement in areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing and the emergence of new business models based around the Internet of Things means that the requirement for data storage and transmission is being propelled forward at an unprecedented rate. This white paper explores the role of telecommunications companies in smart cities and the underlying infrastructure required to support new and emerging technologies.

DDoS Trends Report Q4 2017

Mar 16, 2018

The Q4 edition of the Verisign 2017 DDoS Trends Report represents a unique view into the attack trends unfolding online, through observations and insights derived from distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack mitigations enacted on behalf of Verisign DDoS Protection Services and security research conducted by Verisign Security Services. Some of the key DDoS trends and observations in this quarter's report include how, forty-two percent of DDoS attacks were User Datagram Protocol (UDP) floods, eighty-two percent of DDoS attacks mitigated employed multiple attack types and finally how the financial industry, representing 40 percent of mitigation activity, was the most frequently targeted industry for Q4 2017. For more DDoS Trends in Q4 2017, click the link below to download the full report.


Dec 07, 2017

When comparing Q3 2017 to Q2 2017, Verisign saw a 17 percent decrease in the number of attacks, and a 70 percent decrease in the peak size of the average attack. Attackers continue to launch repeated attacks against their targets. In fact, Verisign observed that 45 percent of customers who experienced DDoS attacks in Q3 2017 were targeted multiple times during the quarter. DDoS attacks remain unpredictable and vary widely in terms of speed and complexity. Download our latest DDoS Trends Report to find out: - Quarterly trends in attack size and frequency - The most common attack vectors - The most frequently targeted industries

The modern data centre in the hyper-connected economy

Dec 01, 2016

The hyper-connected economy - where people, places, organisations and objects are linked together as never before - presents data centre providers with both opportunity and challenge. On the plus side, the popularity of mobile video services, the emergence of new business models based around the Internet of Things, and the widespread use of cloud services is underpinning strong demand for data storage and transmission, leading to the construction of a string of new data centres around the world. But, these new facilities are tasked with meeting an ever-growing requirement for connectivity, across diverse platforms and partners.

Connecting The Cloud With On Demand Infrastructure

Apr 04, 2016

Traditional networking models do not match the needs or expectations of cloud-focused businesses. This whitepaper discusses the key components required for a friction free experience when connecting to leading cloud platforms such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform or Softlayer. Once this new model is applied within the enterprise there will be freedom to develop and grow cloud services with foundation in flexible on demand infrastructure. Cloud connectivity will evolve with new cloud services being incorporated, new partnerships developing and enterprises seeing that networking does not need to be a pain point. It can be an advantage and differentiator within their businesses.

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