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Total Customer Satisfaction

Central to our Customer Satisfaction programme, is our Customer Satisfaction Survey.
At the end of 2015 we conducted a customer satisfaction survey to find out how we could improve our services to you.  Overall, we received a 92% Customer Satisfaction score for your experience of our Docklands site. We have also analysed the results of the Survey in depth and have identified the areas where you required clarification but also felt we could improve. Below are the actions and the on-going commitments we have taken to improve your experience of Telehouse.

1.  Customer web portal
We are planning to rollout our new customer web portal across our London site for 2016. This will streamline our work processes making it easier for you manage your access list and authorise visitors to the site.  You will also be able to raise a ticket and view progress online and reply through the web portal. There will also be an array of useful resources to make your experience at Telehouse more efficient and enjoyable.   
2.  Waiting times at reception
We studied this and found that, in addition to early morning busy times; there are other times when reception is busy.  We have decided to make changes to the way in which our contractors check-in at Telehouse which has now made a significant improvement in waiting times. Also the implementation of the web portal for registering access requests online will further shorten waiting times.   

3.  Goods lift
The survey identified some confusion with the procedure for using the goods lift in the North Building. The goods lifts in each of the technical buildings are fully available for use by all customers on a first come, first serve basis and we have made the procedure to use it clearer in the customer handbook.

4.  WiFi
Testing and improvements in WiFi access in Docklands has been undertaken.  We can confirm Telehouse WiFi access is being improved on an ongoing basis across the site, and the process of access is via the 24/7 Operations Helpdesk. 

5.  Cable removal
Concerns in relation to the restrictions of cabling on site, particularly the very full risers, trays and cable runs in Telehouse North were raised.  We appointed a large-scale team to remove unused and unwanted cables from the North and East buildings and already removed in a six-month period, almost 700km of cable which amounts to 10 tons in weight.  This programme is on-going and we trust that, in spite of increasing demand for new cabling on site, that cabling routes will be freely available.

6.  DC power availability
You said that it was not clear if Telehouse can provide Direct Current (DC) power, as well as Alternating Current (AC) power.  We can confirm that Telehouse can provision  DC power by supplying DC rectifier equipment and we now make this clearer in our customer handbook.

7.  PCI DSS Certification
You asked if Telehouse can support you with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (commonly known as PCI DSS).  We are pleased to say that we hold PCI DSS accreditation for the physical secure environment on site; one of the first data centres in Europe to do so.

8.  Simplified handbook
You told us there is too much jargon in our customer handbook, so our new edition will be clearer with a glossary of terms. We have also improved the content of the handbook so that there is more detailed information.  

9.  Lack of space in London
We appreciate that in the past we have been limited in offering space on the London Docklands campus, however since the opening of Telehouse West in April 2010, the refitting of Telehouse North, and our recent announcement about Telehouse North Two we have and will continuously make available space in London's Docklands to accommodate your requirements regardless of size. 

10.  Sales and customer support
Over the past year we have expanded our sales and customer support team to improve their availability. This has had an immediate effect on response times. The web portal will also help us to communicate with you better and speed up requests. We will also be bringing in new initiatives in 2016 to ensure we build a closer relationship with our customers.  

Our aim at Telehouse is to meet your needs through customer-focused behaviours. We take total customer satisfaction seriously and we will endeavour to meet your expectations as much as possible. But we do not want to stop there.  We really hope for continuous constructive dialogue to make Telehouse the very best it can be!

We look forward to your comments and feedback.

Please feel free to email us if there were any areas which were raised last year and not covered in this list.
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Thank you
Telehouse Team