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Corporate Social Responsibility

Telehouse, as a KDDI Group Company, is part of the KDDI Sustainability (The Environment & Society) strategy that enables the development of a prosperous communications-oriented society.

The KDDI Group helps consumers and businesses around the globe to access information systems through its global infrastructure of data centres, integrated networks and cloud technology. Within its Sustainabilty strategy, a strong focus lies on the development and improvement of ICT infrastructures in emerging markets as ICT plays an integral role within every field of a country’s economy and welfare including medicine, health care, education, and government. KDDI contributes to the social, economic, and cultural progress of numerous regions through its corporate initiatives.


Makoto-Takahashi-President-KDDI-Corporation.png"We at KDDI Group are committed to sustainable management, through which we seek to offer solutions to social issues and help communities prosper through sustainable growth. As a telecommunications service provider, our focus is on making the increasingly connected world a rich and vibrant place through our telecommunication services"

(Makoto Takahashi, President KDDI Corporation)



KDDI Foundation

In 2009, the KDDI Foundation was created to consolidate the resources of the International Communications Foundation (ICF) and KDDI Engineering and Consulting, Inc. (KEC). Its aim is to contribute to the development of telecommunications in the world, especially in rural and remote areas in developing countries, by providing advanced technologies and know-how in the operation and maintenance of telecommunication services. It offers consulting overseas training services in a wide range of areas related to international telecommunications.

In 2012, KDDI was recognized by the Tokyo Stock Exchange as an "ESG stock"-pointing to corporate excellence in environmental, social, and governance (ESG) endeavours. KDDI was selected for inclusion as an "ESG stock" for enriching child / elderly-focused services, enhancing communications quality, and reducing the energy use of telecommunication facilities and data centres.


KDDI's Commitment to Sustainability

KDDI's ultimate goal is to achieve a truly connected society. As a telecommunications operator providing social infrastructure, we have an important social mission to provide reliable telecommunications services at all times under any circumstances.
We also consider it our social responsibility to be ambitious in tackling many challenges our society faces.
 The KDDI Group Philosophy, which sets out our vision and values as a company as well as the code of conduct for our employees, ensures that we always aspire to be a company valued and trusted by all our stakeholders.



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