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Telehouse Green Credentials

Telehouse is working to embed environmental sustainable best practices in its operations and concentrating business resources in areas which are seen as high risk or have significant carbon emissions, and where we can make the most significant environmental improvements across the business. We strive to adopt the highest standards and behaviours across our operations to enhance energy efficiency, competitiveness and to reduce our environmental impact.

We are committed to providing an excellent customer service experience and to conducting business in an ethical, social and environmentally responsible manner.  We are proactive and committed to continually improving our overall environmental and energy performance by establishing an environmental policy, strategy, setting objectives and targets. Our strategy is focused on climate change action, energy efficiency and green procurement which support the carbon reduction ambitions of many of our stakeholders.

Telehouse-International-Corporation-of-Europe.jpg Telehouse sources energy for its operations from renewables sources.

Telehouse customers benefit from housing their IT infrastructure within an efficient and resilient data centre facility that provides a portfolio of energy efficient hardware and the world’s first multi-storey indirect adiabatic cooling system, designed to BREEAM Excellent standard in the new Telehouse North Two.


Carbon Portfolio Management


In October 2014, Telehouse entered into a Climate Change Agreement (CCA) with the Environment Agency. Targets have been met, and we remain focused on the implementation of energy efficiency projects year on year. 

In November 2017, Telehouse entered in to the European Union scheme for Emissions Trading which is set out to monitor and measure the efficiencies of our generator operations to reduce carbon emissions and to ensure legal compliance.

We recognise our responsibility to take action by focusing on reducing our emissions and ensuring compliance with the Industrial Emissions Directive (IED). The IED is a European policy instrument focused on emissions and air quality for combustion plants.  This is transposed into UK legislation through EPR – Environmental Permitting Regulations. The Environmental Agency has grated an Environmental permit which demonstrates our good standards of compliance.

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