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Altech Technology Concepts partners with Telehouse

Altech Technology Concepts partners with Telehouse

South Africa, 5th May 2011

Altech Technology Concepts (ATC) has partnered with global data centre and ICT services company Telehouse

ATC recently built a new network to boost the reliability and performance of its services.  In a recent development ATC has partnered with Telehouse which will manage ATC’s data centres.

“This partnership will free up the company’s resources to focus on its core business, which is the provision of business communication services and solutions on that network,” ATC said in a press statement.

Telehouse will facilitate communication and connectivity from ATC’s point-of-presence (POP) in Telehouse London to the rest of the world.

It will be the point of contact for the linking of ATC’s South African customers locally and to the rest of the world, facilitating the expansion of ATC’s national and global business.

In turn, ATC will become Telehouse’s local provider of choice for connectivity, managed services and managed networks in southern Africa, particularly for international companies linking into the country.

According to Judith voor den Dag, commercial manager, Telehouse South Africa, Telehouse chooses partners based on their reliability, resilience and quality of service.

“We demand that our partners provide the same levels of service we are renowned for. When we entered into discussions, Telehouse examined ATC’s network in accordance with those three requirements. ATC ran several technical tests on its infrastructure, certifying that it complies with our rigorous standards.”

“Telehouse remains faithful to the deeply rooted vendor-neutral philosophy for our data centres. The partnership with ATC however has given us a solid answer to the increasing demand for managed data centre services on the African continent. The partnership benefits both organisations equally and introduces a range of benefits for ATC customers,” adds voor den Dag.

“Telehouse has the data centre expertise and knowledge,” says Wayne de Nobrega, CEO of ATC. “It makes sense to have a partner who can manage our data centres while we focus on the network, and the products and services provided on top of that foundation.”

Another key benefit of the relationship for ATC is that the data centre facilities are scalable. That means Telehouse can accommodate the exponential growth that ATC envisages over the next 12 months.

“As our network grows, ATC will need the international contacts and expertise provided by Telehouse,” says De Nobrega. “It’s far more beneficial for us and our customers to use one expert service provider as opposed to ten different ones.”



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