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Telehouse becomes the first international data centre provider to receive Tier III Operational Sustainability-Gold Certification in Russia and Eastern Europe

LONDON – 13.10.2014 – Telehouse, one of the world’s largest colocation providers is now able to offer their customers the Uptime Institute Tier III Operational Sustainability-Gold Standard from their Russian facility located within Dataspace’s Moscow Data Centre. This builds on the existing Tier III standard and marks the provision of 100% uptime since launching colocation services in the Russian market in 2012.

With 46 Data Centres now in 13 territories, Telehouse operate a Global Standards policy to provide customers further assurances that services meet high standards of performance, reliability and security. Dataspace, Telehouse’s local partner have implemented the standard for operational practises and to increase the level of assurance given to customers entering the region. The Uptime Institute audit process covers knowledge and skills within the data centre, ensuring that the same high levels of support are available in both maintenance and emergency operations.

Since 2012, Telehouse has experienced significant demand for its Moscow facility as a mission critical base. This has come from industries including Financial Services, Oil and Gas. Providing highly accredited data centres from an international provider continues to be an important utility for both international and domestic customers.

Indeed, new domestic legislation requiring the storage of personal data to be kept within the country has raised questions of whether this could be extended to foreign providers. Should this change come into effect, the provision of these assured services will become even more critical than at present.

Commenting on the achievement of the new standard Michelle Reid, Sales and Marketing Director at Telehouse added “Our aim has always been to provide a highly effective and trusted service for companies looking to enter or expand in the Russian market. Adding Operational Sustainability-Gold accreditation to the existing Global Standard further develops on our position as the trusted choice for colocation in the region.”

Michelle Reid added “With Russia now such a critical global location, we look forward to continuing our work in the region and further developing our services to achieve the growth plans of our customers.”  
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