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Telehouse Europe reinforces its status as the first name in data centre connectivity with the launch of Telehouse North Two

Telehouse is expanding its iconic Docklands Campus to include North Two - Europe’s most advanced data centre. 

LONDON 5th March, 2015 – Available from quarter 1, 2016, Telehouse North Two clients will be part of Europe’s leading connectivity hub with access to an unparalleled 73,400 sqm of space, with 532 carriers, ISP’s and ASP’s flowing into its Docklands campus.
The new data centre will deliver clients 23,000 sqm of gross area across an 11 storey building.  New Enterprise clients, cloud service providers and businesses providing services enabled by the internet will be able to join London’s leading connectivity hub with access to 73, 400 sqm of space, with 532 carriers, ISP’s and ASP’s flowing into its campus. It will also accommodate essential further growth for existing clients as well as setting new standards in data centre efficiencies. As the primary home of the London Internet Exchange (LINX), the Docklands campus has around 900 private and public peering ports into LINX, making Telehouse Europe’s leading  connectivity hub.  
With an unprecedented £135m investment, Telehouse North Two utilises the latest technology to increase operating efficiency. For example, the vertical Indirect Adiabatic and Evaporative cooling system addresses restrictions driven by load fluctuations and delivers an industry leading PUE of 1.16 in an N+2 configuration into hot aisle containment.
Telehouse combines innovation and connectivity with peace of mind - it is the only UK data centre that has its own on-campus 132kV grid substation providing clients with an industry leading power density. Furthermore, North Two will continue to provide Telehouse’s high level of resilience and redundancy with 2(N+1) UPS configuration with a total N+1 generator capacity of 18.5MW.  
“25 years ago Telehouse set the benchmark for data centre’s, and today, Telehouse North Two continues that commitment.” Hiroyuki Soshi, Managing director of Telehouse Europe. 

Telehouse. The First Name in Data Centre Connectivity
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