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Telehouse rapid migration helps Spire Healthcare to reach landmark £1billion IPO

Telehouse International Corporation, one of the world’s largest data centre owner and operators and Spire Healthcare, a leading UK private healthcare provider mark a significant milestone in their partnership following the success of a series of ground breaking migration projects.

Established in 2007, Spire has achieved success in recent years by combining a patient-first strategy with a series of acquisitions to boost client coverage. Now with 39 private hospitals in the UK, Spire has partnered with Telehouse to deliver a centralised ICT infrastructure that adapts to the changing needs of the individual communities it serves. Last month, Spire announced their initial IPO at £1 billion.

With acquisitions including BUPA and Classics Hospital group, Spire faced a significant challenge in establishing a central ICT infrastructure that could provide future flexibility whilst avoiding any risk of failure. Initially set out with a lead time of three years, the redesign of Spire’s infrastructure included a £14million investment in the provision of a new SAP based client management system, which was critical to delivering the high levels of client focus their reputation had been built upon.

Following extensive planning by Telehouse and Spire, a migration to Telehouse North began the same year, including a ‘UK First’ core infrastructure for Spire’s new client management software. The completed process was achieved in just 18 months, achieving a 50% reduction in lead time. True testament to the success of the partnership can be seen by recent client satisfaction levels hitting 91%.

After the completion of the project, Phil Peplow, Head of IT at Spire Healthcare commented “We saw Telehouse as the best provider to ensure our data was secure. Also, the exceptional level of  service they provide was a huge factor in transforming what could have been a difficult move into a very smooth transition.”

Michelle Reid, Sales and Marketing Director at Telehouse Europe added by saying “The ability to provide our customers with the flexibility and expertise to support strategic change projects is something that we take extremely seriously. Merging or redesigning ICT infrastructures is moving higher and higher on the agenda in corporate acquisitions and it is a necessity for a data centre provider to recognise this in the services they provide.”

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