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Telehouse OSAKA 2 data centre in Osaka to provide direct connection to JPIX, Japan's largest Internet Exchange operator

Tokyo, Japan - April 24, 2017 - KDDI and Japan Internet Exchange Co., Ltd. have agreed to establish a JPIX connection point (PoP [1]) within the Telehouse OSAKA 2 data centre operated by KDDI in Osaka, Japan, and will begin providing Internet Exchange (IX) services as a new JPIX Osaka Kyobashi site on April 24, 2017.

The partnership, which aims to meet the growing demand for IX and colocation [2] services in Osaka, will give Telehouse OSAKA 2 users access to KDDI’s capability to support the high power demand while offering high reliability and connectivity to KDDI's network, and to JPIX’s environment that supports large numbers of connections with low latency, which ranks among the most extensive in Japan, enabling them to expand their businesses.  

This move will expand the Telehouse Interconnect [3] service used by KDDI’s more than 3,000 connectivity partners (carriers, mobile providers, ISPs, content providers, enterprises, etc.) worldwide.

KDDI and JPIX will use this opportunity to utilize this robust connectivity and support the expansion of our customers’ global business.

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[1] Abbreviation of "Point of Presence", which refers to the switches that make up the JPIX backbone network.
[2] Services that provide rack space for installing equipment such as the customer's servers and communication devices, as well as power, communication lines, etc.
[3] Concept expressing the connectivity within Telehouse.
[4] Telehouse is the registered trademark of the KDDI Group.
About JPIX
JPIX, which will mark the 20th anniversary of its founding this July, is a leading IX service provider that ranks among the largest in Japan. The company provides connections between more than 160 partner companies, and it has supported the Internet backbone in Japan since it was established.
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