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Telehouse North Two – A New Site for a New Internet

Jul 23, 2014
Today we are proud to announce that subject to conditions and any direction by Boris Johnson, (the Mayor of London) planning permission has been granted and, our parent company KDDI has reached agreement to invest £135 million to build the newest data centre in the UK, Telehouse North Two. Speaking about the new data centre, UK Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills, Rt Hon Dr Vince Cable MP said: “It’s good news that Japanese ICT company KDDI has decided to invest a further £135 million into their global data centre at the Docklands. Britain’s economy is growing thanks to Japanese investment and in 2013/14 they were the second biggest investor into the UK starting over 100 new projects and creating 3,000 new jobs.”

In North Two, Telehouse is building a New Site for a New Internet.  From its foundation in the early nineties, the Internet today is an ecosystem which has dramatically changed and is continuing to evolve. Websites are being replaced by Apps, Smart Phones and Tablets. PCs are used less and Cloud is a reality - 78% of all UK business has at least one Cloud service*. The evolution and creation of this ‘new Internet’ means that Britain’s digital infrastructure must develop to meet its changing needs. The way that Internet functions with the advent of Cloud computing and the increased levels of consumer use enabling the discussion of ideas such as The Internet of Things, really illustrates how different the Internet will also be in a few year’s time. As a result North Two has been created to answer our customers’ needs as the Internet develops. Telehouse is therefore not just competing on specification but on how our facilities will meet customer needs in three or five years time.

Telehouse also recognises that the market in which data centre owner operators work is being challenged by the web-scale or hyper-scale operators, from a volume (and eventually a price) point of view. To answer this, we are not looking to compete with AWS, MS Azure, or Google, but to enable our customers to make decisions for themselves about their own Hybrid Cloud models, by housing their mission-critical infrastructure with us, and enabling symbiotic relationships with web-scale operators to facilitate the development of Hybrid Cloud’s.

The Hybrid Cloud model that Telehouse North Two will facilitate also answers key issues that traditional bricks and mortar companies have with the Cloud, such as: security (particularly data security, protection, privacy and sovereignty), risk and trust. By collocating mission critical systems in Telehouse’s data centres and using the Cloud for other systems, customers can achieve a Hybrid Cloud model which is secure and protected. Illustrating the importance of Hybrid Cloud, Alastair Pooley, VP Data Centre Operations at Sophos agrees “Sophos relies on a mixture of Cloud and physical data centres to provide service to our customers. We believe Cloud is key to our success but underpinning it are strong facilities where we can host our critical data on our own hardware platforms. I’ve used Telehouse as a hosting provider for over 15 years and they provide a solid facility with the best connectivity options in the UK.” This model is critical to UK companies, as consumers and business now expect IT to deliver outcomes rather than outsourcing.

Telehouse’s Docklands data centre campus already facilitates the majority of the London Internet Exchange’s (LINX’s) capacity, which has such a huge proportion of all UK internet traffic flowing through it and this is set to grow. Commenting on the carrier density and the Telehouse Docklands ecosystem Tim Anker, Founder and Director of Colo-X, The Colocation Exchange Ltd. said, “Telehouse’s Docklands campus is the longest established and leading network system in Europe and forms a critical part of the UK’s, indeed the world’s digital infrastructure.  Today’s announcement of further capacity at Telehouse’s Docklands campus is important to ensure this vital network ecosystem can continue to expand and thrive to service the needs of the UK and Europe’s digital economy.”

Once conditions have been outlined by the planning consent issued by Tower Hamlets Council, North Two will also become one of the most advanced data centres in the country with cutting edge technology at its core, to complement the Hybrid Cloud model. North Two be built next to Europe’s original data centre, Telehouse North; the first purpose-built carrier neutral colocation data centre in Europe, and will have 23,134 square meters of floor space, taking the Telehouse Docklands campus overall footprint to 72,240sqm and Telehouse’s total presence in London to 74,051sqm. In Telehouse customers have an operator with a solid track record of over 25 years, longer than any other European provider.

The building will extend Telehouse’s Docklands data centre campus and represents a continued commitment by Japan’s second largest carrier, KDDI. Over the last 25 years KDDI has invested over £260million, with £110million being invested over the last five years alone. This new investment represents the continued diversification and expansion plans of KDDI outside of Japan and provides the high tech infrastructure that will drive further investment in the UK’s technology sector at a crucial time of growth. Not only will it safeguard existing jobs, it will bring more skilled employment to the UK, specifically to London’s Docklands.  John Souter, CEO of the London Internet Exchange (LINX) comments: “This inward investment gives the Docklands campus the chance to build on its reputation as the hub of the Internet in the UK. What was once the most critical maritime port in the world is now one of the most connected places on earth. Telehouse’s Docklands data centre campus already facilitates the majority of LINX capacity, and Internet traffic will inevitably grow, especially with the transition to 100G technology now underway.  The vast majority of LINX's member-facing high capacity ports are in Telehouse. With such a huge proportion of all UK internet traffic flowing through LINX, this investment in the national critical infrastructure of the UK gives us great confidence.” 

In answering the challenges of a New Internet, North Two sets a new benchmark for data centre design and build. Hiroyuki Soshi, Managing Director of Telehouse Europe comments, “The £135 million investment in North Two will be crucial to the expansion of one of the world’s most critical Internet hubs and, marks a new dawn for data centres. We believe that as the Internet continues to develop at such a dramatic pace, the underlying infrastructure in the Docklands must stay ahead to meet the needs of the future.” North Two’s vision is to be the UK mission-critical data centre, where customers house their mission critical systems securely and efficiently, while benefiting from the advantages of Cloud. - A New Site for a New Internet.
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