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Data Centre Hardware Supply

Telehouse have been hosting mission-critical systems for some the world’s largest companies for decades, ensuring their applications are running live 24/7, highly secured and always connected. But mission critical systems also need the best performing hardware and maintenance to ensure peace of mind. That is why Telehouse are now proud to offer an extensive range of solution sets from best of breed vendors, with fully integrated, onsite maintenance support to its customers.

Download our Managed Services Data Sheet for our full range of additional ICT services here. 


Did you know?

One of the biggest causes of customer downtime in a data centre is poor performing hardware and the inability to support the equipment in time by client engineers. In today’s age, seconds of downtime of a missioncritical application can cost a corporation substantial financial losses. Losses that could be saved by ensuring your network, server and storage equipment are designed as best fit for your infrastructure and maintained by fully qualified ‘in-house’ engineers.

Partnerships from inside the data centre

If you wish to upgrade to leading hardware brands, the vendor partnerships with Telehouse can provide you with a cost efficient infrastructure. For more information download the Hardware Solutions and Maintenance Fact Sheet: Data Centre Hardware Solutions and Maintenance Data Sheet (PDF)

Dependable support on the ground

You can extend the lifetime of your infrastructure by using certified OEM hardware and vendor support, ensuring your data centre is backed by reliable equipment and dependable maintenance. Telehouse also provides rapid and multi-vendor outsourced maintenance services and solutions to support the requirements of your data centre. These services are delivered from our Docklands campus and can be tailored to offer a range of service levels to reflect the criticality of the equipment; supporting the different elements of your business: 
  • Call logging via portal, email or phone
  • Business Hours or, 24x7 service options
  • Co-managed SLA based Hardware maintenance
  • Telephone and remote diagnostics
  • Priority escalation to vendor for faults
  • Certified and Experience on-site engineers
  • Managed asset register for all devices under maintenance

Whether you are at the end-of-life with your hardware, have an upcoming scheduled infrastructure refresh or renewal or require a superior performing IT architecture, Telehouse would welcome the opportunity to provide quotations and proposals. To upgrade your systems and achieve greater uptime, greater energy efficiency and quicker investment payback contact