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Data Centre Managed Services


Data Centre Hosting - Core to all our ICT solutions is the data centre, your physical host. By locating the heart of your ICT infrastructure in a Telehouse data centre, your application has access to a vast array of networks, businesses and exchanges. By allowing Telehouse to manage your data centre, you benefit from top engineering support on hand ensuring uninterrupted uptime. From the core, Telehouse can support you in building your mission-critical infrastructure.

Integrated Communications Services


Data Connectivity - The data centre has been deployed as an interconnection platform for decades supporting businesses in connecting to industries, exchanges and business platforms. Now Telehouse are able to support clients in building their own network hub enabling them to deploy M2M technology within their service portfolio managed out of the data centre.

Virtualisation Services


Data Migration - Migrating your business-critical data to the cloud is not a simple decision. By collaborating with a data centre provider like Telehouse, a hybrid set up with physical and virtual infrastructure allows you to integrate your business into a more scalable and mobile environment. Our level of connectivity and proximity enables you to run your applications with speed and global reach securely.

System Security Services


Data Security - Companies are aware of how mobile technology can generate business value for their organization, however the proliferation of mobile devices and a mobile workforce challenges the security conventions of companies of all sizes. By focusing on key security components challenging the deployment of device mobility in connection to your data centre can spark the transition from simply enabled to truly empowered.

Content Management Services


Data Delivery - As the volume, velocity and variety of data increases, so does the storage, copy and delivery of that data. By using a content delivery network, your content is cached on servers spread over our Telehouse data centres, on many continents, bringing it into closer geographical proximity to your customers. Ensuring your users experience greater overall performance and uninterrupted usability.