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Michelle Reid of Telehouse Europe Honoured by the London Internet Exchange

London, UK – 27th November 2017 – Telehouse, a leading global provider of data centre services, today announced that Michelle Reid, Telehouse Europe’s Senior Business Advisor has been honoured with the London Internet Exchange’s (LINX) Conspicuous Contribution Award. The award was presented to Michelle at the 99th LINX member meeting on 20th November 2017.

The LINX Conspicuous Contribution Award is a prize presented to an individual who has shown steadfast and continuous support in the development and growth of LINX. LINX CEO, John Souter, said; “It is to Michelle's credit that she really understood the role that LINX plays generally, and how having LINX in their buildings plays such an important role in establishing the Telehouse Docklands campus into one of the most connected places on the planet. We are grateful for her faithful support, and think it appropriate to recognise her in this way."

LINX launched its network services at Telehouse Europe in 1994 when the London Exchange was first formed, just a few years after Telehouse launched Europe’s first purpose-built carrier neutral colocation facility, Telehouse North in 1990. Michelle has worked closely with LINX for more than 20 years, to facilitate the establishment and growth of LINX’s private interconnection in Telehouse. During this time, the Telehouse London Docklands campus has expanded with the addition of 3 data centres, including the new Telehouse North Two data centre which opened last year.

Michelle Reid from Telehouse Europe said; “I am honoured to have received this award from LINX and to have played a role in supporting LINX over the years. Telehouse’s long-standing relationship with LINX has contributed towards the development of the highly connected data centre ecosystem at Telehouse Docklands. This in turn provides LINX members and our customers with a low latency and resilient environment to support the high volumes of internet traffic flowing through the campus."
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