Telehouse provides access to the partners, services and low-latency connectivity you need to give you a strong foundation in the cloud. We make connections that bring your systems, users and cloud resources together.

Businesses increasingly adopt cloud technologies to diversify their systems - via colocation, hybrid deployments, virtualisation and more. In our increasingly connected world, accessing data, content and services via our cloud connectivity services can define your advantage and the future of your business.

Why choose Telehouse?

Connect end users seamlessly, reliably and securely to the world’s biggest private and public cloud providers via our ecosystem: the Telehouse Cloud Interconnect.

All the leading cloud providers

The Telehouse Cloud Interconnect includes major cloud providers like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

Fast, low-latency connectivity

Our intelligent, private network provides accelerated access to applications hosted in public, private or hybrid clouds.

A powerful global presence

We operate more than 40 data centres in over 20 strategic locations worldwide, delivering a global network with a wide reach.

The highest level of reliability

Telehouse adheres to over 300 facility specification, operation and service operation standards. We provide 24/7 support and security.

Uptime, all the time

We guarantee the highest service level agreement (SLA) of 99.999% globally for power availability.

A secure home for your infrastructure

Telehouse provides end-to-end infrastructure services, from planning, designing and constructing to operations and maintenance.

Your own connected cloud exchange

We also offer Telehouse Cloud Link, our cloud exchange. You can provision low-latency connectivity between your network and one or more cloud services via a single private connection. This means you can now easily manage a hybrid cloud solution and ensure it’s being harnessed as effectively as possible.

Connect with Telehouse today

If you’d like to learn more about Telehouse’s cloud connectivity services, just get in touch. Or you can read our Cloud Link fact sheet for further details.