Telehouse is renowned for hosting the world’s most connected internet hubs through partnerships with the London Internet Exchange (LINX) and other key exchanges elsewhere in Europe, Asia and the USA. We make connections that put you at the centre of everything.

To meet business needs and user expectations, today’s organisations need to ensure their data traffic travels by the fastest, most secure and direct routes. Telehouse has partnered with some of the world’s leading internet exchanges, such as LINX, giving you the choice and flexibility to manage your network your way. Peering provides you with one-to-one connections between networks that allow you to directly exchange traffic reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Why choose Telehouse for internet exchange peering?

When you colocate in a Telehouse data centre and peer with the internet exchanges we host (data centre peering), you can enjoy the following benefits:

Lower costs and latency

Simplified routing, sharing bandwidth and direct interconnects reduce latency and local bandwidth costs.

Improved performance

Bypassing potential traffic bottlenecks caused by network congestion results in a smoother, more responsive experience and service.

Greater resilience

Convenient multiple-network connectivity diversifies traffic distribution, spreading out your network and making it more robust.

Home to the world’s major peering exchanges

Telehouse is proud to be the primary home the London Internet Exchange, LINX, one of the largest peering services of its type in the world. LINX and Telehouse have worked together for more than 25 years, supporting Europe’s internet infrastructure and transforming London’s Docklands into one of the world’s leading global internet hubs.

Connect with Telehouse today

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