Enabling private, fast and direct global WAN connectivity requires strong connections. At Telehouse, we make connections that bring global offices, networks and people closer together. Plug in to the centre of everything with Telehouse today.

The Telehouse London Docklands Campus has direct connections with some of the world’s most important international networks. This is perfect for businesses looking to build an IT network for their offices across the globe using the fastest, most direct and secure connections with leading carriers.

Build a global IT network at Telehouse

Partnering with our parent company KDDI means Telehouse customers can benefit from a worldwide network of internet connection.

Fast, direct connections

Quickly send high volumes of information around the world by connecting directly with our global IT network.

A dedicated private connection

Creating private global WAN connectivity is simple through our high-volume, low-latency connections.

A wealth of connectivity partners

Partner with the biggest carriers and ISPs around the world as well as over 750 partners directly in our Docklands campus.

In the heart of a global network

As one of the 10 largest global telecommunications companies, our parent company KDDI gives our customers access to a vital global connectivity network. This ensures the best possible network connectivity, whether you’re an international enterprise or a local start up.

KDDI facilitates efficient international connections through the performance of integrated end-to-end management and provision of seamless network services at over 150 global locations. We can manage your network for you 24/7.

Connect with Telehouse today

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