Bangkok, Thailand 20th July 2023 – Telehouse, a leading global colocation data center service provider, today announced that Amazon Web Services (AWS) will deploy components of its network infrastructure at Telehouse’s 9,000 sqm new Bangkok facility.

Deploying the AWS network infrastructure will allow interconnectivity to a wide variety of AWS services in Telehouse’s data centers. This will also support the development of an enhanced digital ecosystem at Telehouse Bangkok enabling customers to benefit from fast, seamless access to cloud and network service providers.

Officially opened in May 2023, Telehouse Bangkok provides AWS with high-density colocation at its data center,  which serves as key ingress and egress points for AWS customers and Partners accessing AWS services. AWS customers and Partners in Thailand are able to leverage the Telehouse Bangkok facility to easily access Thailand’s local network service providers. The new deployments support Telehouse’s vision for scalable and reliable connectivity, improving the digital ecosystem of Thailand and its businesses and create an opportunity for Thailand to become a premier interconnection hub in South-East Asia.

Telehouse is also pleased to announce that some of Thailand’s leading telecommunications providers and internet exchange operators like AIS, DTAC, IGC/ALT, JasTel, National Telecom (NT), Symphony, TRUE and UIH have committed to support this exciting development. The providers will deploy optical fiber services, networking equipment that supports IP interconnection, direct internet access, and international private leased circuit connectivity into Telehouse’s Bangkok facility. Deploying these services ensures that Telehouse can provide access to a digital network ecosystem in Thailand, for its customers.

“We are honored to support the network infrastructure for AWS, the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud,” said Mr. Ken Miyashita, Managing Director of Telehouse Thailand. “Through this collaboration with AWS, we can play an important role in driving the Thai government’s Thailand 4.0 digitization goals, which will create more opportunities for our clients to enable their digital transformation.”

Driven by the increasing data usage in Thailand, the Telehouse Bangkok data center is the newest of Telehouse’s 45 data centers globally. Supported by a diverse ecosystem of over 1000 network partners and ideally located in the prime business district area of Rama 9, the Telehouse Bangkok facility is the first purpose-built data center in Bangkok with a focus on connectivity.

“Working with AWS, Telehouse will continue to explore new solutions and opportunities to add value for existing and future clients, not only in Thailand, but around the world,” said Mr. Miyashita.