In 1989 Marty McFly and Doc were propelled into the year 2015 in the second of the three time-hopping sci-fi adventure films. Similarly In 1989 Telehouse North embarked its own mission in London docklands – to be the first and most connected carrier neutral data centre in Europe.

Fast forward 26 years (or 88mph in a DeLorean) and what has changed?
Well earlier this year Lexus showed off their hoverboard, albeit one on a magnet-based technology – so at least we have caught up with Hollywood’s imagination. What hasn’t changed, is that Telehouse North is still the most connected data centre in Europe!

What also hasn’t changed is the fragility of the internet – this week for example, the rush to purchase tickets for the new Star Wars film ‘forced’ cinema websites to crash – and the impact of this can be enormous. In 2013 an Emerson study suggested that the average cost of data centre downtime across industries was approximately $7,900 per minute.

For over 25 years Telehouse has anticipated the market’s ever increasing appetite for data by continuing to add data centres to our Docklands campus – and we quite literally bridged the past to the future as we installed the new sky bridge between the famous Telehouse North data centre to the flagship North Two -set to be the most advanced data centre in Europe. As the primary home of the LINX and the LONAP the campus has grown to be the most connected site in Europe. The thriving ecosystem offers access more than 530 cloud and connectivity partners ensuring multiple redundant connectivity routes. The new site has been designed to enable future technological advances from hybrid cloud environments to the internet of things and beyond. Furthermore with future proof power and world leading cooling downtime can be kept to a minimum.

In recent weeks the iconic circuit board design has also been installed as the monolith construction nears completion ahead of its launch early 2016. When complete the new site will offer 11 stories of wholesale and retail (dedicated or shared) colocation space.

Throughout September and October more than 50 industry executives have already experienced an intimate ‘hard hat’ tour of North Two, featuring Q&A with Andrew Dewing, Technical Director of Telehouse, and architects of North Two. These tours will continue in the coming weeks, for your chance to experience the future email [email protected].

Alternatively join us at Capacity Europe (Paris, 2-4 Nov) Stand 89 or DataCenterDynamics Converged (London 18-19 Nov) Stand 327 where we will be premiering our augmented reality app of North Two.