The construction activities at our fifth carrier neutral data centre in London, Telehouse South, have reached another phase. Having installed dark fibre network routes to connect Telehouse South to the London Docklands campus, we can now begin carrier testing.

What is carrier testing?

Carrier testing is an important stage of Telehouse South’s build. It involves running end-to-end testing on the fibre connections to validate the speed and quality of the network connections back to our main campus, as well as their diverse nature.

The main aim of carrier testing at Telehouse South is to ensure our customers have the same unrivalled connectivity to leading ISPs, ASPs, cloud and service providers as the rest of the sites on our campus. Carriers will soon commence installation of their (Points-of-Presence (PoPs) within the newly constructed meet-me rooms to enable their crucial interconnections and deliver the best service to customers.


What is a carrier neutral colocation data centre?

Colocation data centres offer physical and virtual spaces for organisations to store and manage their IT infrastructure. They also provide network connections to internet service providers (ISPs) so that a company can reach their customers and conduct everyday business.

Unlike data centres that are owned and operated by a single ISP, carrier neutral data centres are

entirely independent of these network providers. Instead, they offer interconnections between multiple carriers and service providers, so customers and carriers can choose who they connect to and when, depending on their objectives.

Telehouse South is a carrier neutral data facility (as are all Telehouse data centres), which means customers benefit from a wide variety of connectivity options and are free to partner with any provider they want. By making Telehouse their connectivity partner, customers can tap into an interconnected global network and access a wide ecosystem of Tier 1 and Tier 2 carriers in network-dense, fibre-rich locations.

Find out more details about our connectivity solutions here.


Four benefits of a carrier neutral data centre

  1. Cost savings

As carrier neutral data centres offer multiple connection options, customers are less likely to fall victim to price increases and reduced bandwidth. With competition in a carrier neutral facility fierce, providers are incentivised to offer competitive prices to encourage new businesses to connect with them. This means Telehouse South customers will be able to benefit from cost-effective access to providers, as well as the option to switch should business requirements change, or another provider offers a better price.

  1. Flexibility

Businesses develop over time and organisations need flexibility and scalability in their IT infrastructure to enable and support growth. Colocating at a carrier neutral facility like Telehouse South enables businesses to scale their connectivity in line with business needs, by expanding their rack footprint or connecting with cloud and services providers easily as-and-when required.

  1. Reliability

In today’s world, uptime is critical for business operations. Carrier neutral data centres offer a level of redundancy otherwise impossible with single-carrier counterparts. With the option to connect to multiple providers, the risk of downtime significantly decreases because if one carrier experiences a service outage, the other will run without a hitch. Telehouse South customers can benefit from a service level uptime (SLA) of 99.999%

  1. Seamless connectivity

Carrier neutral data centres bring benefits to both network providers as well as enterprises.  Being carrier dense enables network providers to seamlessly connect to different players, and create a low latency, fast service network in a more cost-efficient way. Providers can connect quickly and create strategic networks with partners to improve their service offerings.


Join our growing ecosystem

At Telehouse, we pride ourselves in being a connectivity data centre provider. Our goal is not to sell real estate but to build connected ecosystems that our customers and carriers can leverage in order to thrive.

For the last three decades we have grown to become a leading player in the data centre industry, facilitating business-critical partnerships. Our most connected campus in Europe, London Docklands, is home to over 800 carriers, including leading ASPs and ISPs, such as the London Internet Exchange (LINX) and cloud service providers like Microsoft Azure and AWS.

Telehouse South is the latest data centre on this campus and we are excited to now be facilitating early carrier access. We know that delivering the best service requires the best infrastructure and any carrier interested in having a point of presence in Telehouse South, or customer wanting to benefit from our unrivalled, high-quality connectivity, can get in touch here.

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