London, UK – 7th September 2021: –Telehouse data centre provides secure ecosystem for Racoon customers to collaborate from anywhere in the world

Global colocation provider, Telehouse International Corporation of Europe, today announced that Racoon, the post-production services start-up company, has colocated its entire technology stack within Telehouse’s London data centre, enabling it to deliver services to clients anywhere, anytime. With rich-connectivity options to cloud providers such as Azure and AWS, content delivery networks and broadcasters in one ecosystem, Racoon can realise its ambitions to reimagine broadcast post-production services for the work-anywhere world and easily scale for future growth.

The post-production industry has transitioned from film and tape to digital, but the bricks-and-mortar model remains predominant. While the pandemic accelerated a move to remote working, legacy systems have hindered a wholesale industry-wide shift. By colocating its technology stack inside a data centre, Racoon was able to design a new model of working from the ground up. As a start-up founded this year, the company can deliver a hybrid approach from the outset, including remote services to any location alongside traditional in-person collaboration.

When selecting a data centre partner, Racoon required direct connections to its broadcaster customers, access to cloud services and the ability to scale IT quickly when needed. To facilitate this, Racoon has taken colocation space in Telehouse’s London campus, the most connected data centre in Europe. The campus offers unrivalled access to 800+ connectivity partners including LINX, leading carriers, ISPs and ASPs plus direct links to leading cloud service providers.

The company now has a lean infrastructure to deliver services in a sustainable, efficient way. Instead of multiple versions of Avid editing suites in physical rooms, with finite capacity, the company has one centralised version at Telehouse that it can scale up instantly to accommodate any number of client requests. Production companies, broadcasters and streaming services can now all access post-production projects through one unified portal. The company can also extend its global reach to support the growing transatlantic nature of co-production, with a secure infrastructure to protect confidentiality of client assets.

Jack Edney, COO at Racoon, comments: “Our goal is to take all the creative brilliance and service elements that customers have come to expect and deliver them up in a new and revolutionary way. Being a start-up meant we could put our ecosystem within a data centre from day one and break from the old bricks and mortar mould. Telehouse has made it possible for us to make our business model a reality and has become the heart, lungs and brain of our business.”

Harry Pyant, Sales Manager, at Telehouse, comments: “Broadcast, like most sectors, is changing radically and businesses are rethinking their IT framework to accommodate demand. Colocation is an important enabler of that change, providing the lean, modern infrastructure with rich connectivity. We’ve been able to equip Racoon with a secure environment where it and all its stakeholders can collaborate easily from any location.”

Telehouse is the number one connectivity provider in Europe through its infrastructure positioned on the main backbone of the global internet (London-Paris-Frankfurt). The construction of Telehouse South, the organisation’s fifth data centre in London Docklands, is underway with the first floor set to open in early 2022.

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