The current volatility in the energy market is one of the greatest threats to business survival

IT decision-makers are having to adjust sustainability and broader business strategies to accommodate increased spending, prevent the risk of downtime, and all whilst ensuring they meet ambitious net zero targets.

To understand how the intersecting threats of climate change and the ongoing energy crisis are impacting UK enterprises, Telehouse surveyed 150 UK IT decision-makers within enterprise organisations to gather their opinions.

The Climate Crunch report explores:

  • Organisations’ readiness to meet climate change targets
  • The ‘scopes’ they are pursuing to monitor and measure carbon emissions
  • Where they are in their sustainability journey and how they are measuring performance
  • How they are balancing the need to become more sustainable with IT operational requirements and rising energy costs
  • Levels of confidence in data centres and their ability to cope with the impacts of climate change that could cause outages.

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