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Ken Sakai

EMEA Managing Director

Ken Sakai joined Telehouse Europe as Managing Director in April 2017 with over 30 years’ management experience in KDDI. Ken played a pivotal role in the development of KDDI Corporation, resulting from the merger of KDD, DDI and IDO. He held leadership roles in the sales, business development and corporate planning divisions of KDDI and also served as Managing Director for KDDI Deutschland.

Ken is responsible for driving the continued expansion and growth of Telehouse Europe and positioning Telehouse to meet the future demands of businesses resulting from digital transformation and cloud adoption, using his extensive knowledge and experience of the ICT and telecommunications sectors.

Kouhei Ohno

Deputy Managing Director

Following a successful career as General Manager for KDDI Corporation, Kouhei Ohno joined Telehouse Europe in April as Deputy Managing Director. Kouhei brings over 20 years’ business development experience to Telehouse during which time he served as Financial Director for KDDI Deutschland, Business Development Manager for the Global Business Segment and General Manager responsible for the strategy and business development of the Global data centre segment.

Kouhei is responsible for the sales and marketing, technical services, business planning and optimisation and procurement functions for Telehouse.

Suzanne Lee

Finance Director

Since joining Telehouse in 1994, Suzanne has witnessed the growth of Telehouse from a colocation facility to one of the world’s most sought after internet hubs.  She has served in a variety of roles, having been responsible for developing the financial policies and processes at Telehouse, annual auditing and financial statements, as well as tax management, treasury and global reporting. Since 2008, Suzanne has been pivotal in the European expansion strategy, managing the acquisition of Germany’s Databurg facility and franchise expansions in Turkey, South Africa and Russia.

Prior to Telehouse, Suzanne has held financial roles at PIA (acquired by FSA in 2001) supporting the regulation of 4,000 plus companies in the UK conducting investment business with private investors in the financial services market.

Since 2012, Suzanne has been responsible for leading the procurement strategy for Telehouse Europe and has implemented an environmentally friendly electricity usage strategy.

Sahir Kaleem

European IT Director

Sahir joined Telehouse in April 2018 as the European IT Director for Telehouse and KDDI Europe. Sahir is responsible for managing the IT Infrastructure and networks across Europe. Since joining he has worked on enhancing the IT infrastructure including automation and increased resilience in the internal and customer networks. He has also been working with the Sales, BPO and Operations team to help delivery value added services at Telehouse.

Sahir has experience in a range of diverse projects including digital transformations, system integrations, network restructuring and data warehouse design. Having worked in the financial sector for over 18 years he also has extensive experience in IT and operational risk management, disaster recovery, business continuity and information security management.

Sahir has a BSC in Economics and a MSc in Information Systems from Brunel University.

Sachi Fujii

Business Optimisation Director

Sachi joined Telehouse in 2016 and has played leadership roles in corporate level change programmes. In her current role Sachi leads strategic and operational performance improvement initiatives working closely with Executive Members across Europe, focusing on advancing digital transformation in order to better serve customers’ needs and build robust operating models at a corporate level.

Since her engagement with Telehouse in 2013, Sachi has established: the new procurement function and its operational governance; the digital platforms for the Sales Process Optimisation (SPO) and the Procure to Pay (P2P), both SPO and P2P have set the standard for the company to maximise opportunities to effectively achieve growth strategies with operational efficiencies and enhanced customer services.

Prior to being engaged with Telehouse, Sachi consistently improved business and operational performance over 30 years in the global scene, leading strategic transformation projects across multiple industry leaders including HP, Vodafone, Goodyear, GSK, Nomura, and Mondi. Early in her career Sachi worked for Oki in Japan and Europe where she played a pivotal role in setting up the hub of its European operations and R&D Centre in Scotland.

Sachi holds MBA from Cranfield University in the UK and BA in linguistics from Waseda University in Japan.

Mark Pestridge

Sales Director

Mark joined Telehouse Europe in April 2019 to lead the UK sales organisation, and is responsible for driving the sales strategy and developing and managing the commercial relationship with our existing client base. His primary focus is on ensuring that existing and prospective customers are at the heart of what we do at Telehouse Europe, underpinning the vision for the sales team.

Mark has been involved in sales and business development since 1992 and has extensive experience working with service providers, including 10 years’ service at Verizon. Since 2011, he has worked exclusively in the data centre sector, holding senior sales leadership roles at both Equinix and Digital Realty. Marks holds a BA (Hons) from the University of Birmingham.

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