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Our Parent Company KDDI


A Global Fortune 300 Japanese Telecom and System Integration Provider

Telehouse is the global data centre subsidiary of KDDI, a Global Fortune 300 Japanese telecommunications and system integration provider. KDDI has been operating as a leading telecommunication provider in Japan for 60 years serving over 30 million users and providing its own successful brand of unique handsets.
With over approximately 35,000 employees worldwide, KDDI has over 100 offices in more than 28 areas around the world, supporting clients locally wherever they are.  With a diverse portfolio of services, KDDI owns and operates a number of subsidiaries around the globe to ensure our clients have access to the best performing end-to-end ICT infrastructure.

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KDDI Group Subsidiaries:

Fixed-line and Antenna Business:

KDDI & BT Global Solutions Co.
Chubu Telecommunications Co.
Okinawa Telecommunication Network Co.

Internet-related Business:

KDDI Web Communications Inc.
Japan Internet Exchange Co.
Japan Network Enabler Corporation
KMN Corporation.
BRACNet ltd.

Data Centre and SI Business:

Telehouse International Co.
DMX Technologies Ltd.
Pt KDDI Indonesia
CJSC Vostoktelecom
KDDI Connecting Place

Mobile Business:

• Okinawa Cellular Telephone Co.
• UQ Communications Co.
• Wire & Wireless Co.
• MOBICOM Corporation Co.
• Locus Telecommunications Inc.
• Total Call International Inc.

Content and Media Business:

• A-Sketch Inc.
• every. Inc.
• Gunosy Inc.
• KKBOX Inc.
• Connehito Inc.
• Supership Inc. / Supership Holdings Co. Ltd
• ​TOLOT Inc.
• Natasha. Inc.
• Booklista Co.
• Mediba Inc.

Research and Development:

• KDDI R&D laboratories Inc.
• KDDI Technology Corporation
• KDDI Research Institute Inc.
• KDDI Foundation
• KDDI European Research Office

Network Construction Engineering:

• Kokusai Cable Ship Co.
• KDDI Engineering Corp.
• TEPCO Optical Network Engineering Inc.
• Kyocera Communication Systems

Commercial and Finance:

WebMoney Corporation.
Au Insurance Company
• Jibun Bank Corporation

Sales and Marketing:
• KDDI Evolva Inc.
KDDI Matomete Office Corp.
• KDDI Open Innovation Fund.

• KDDI Commerce Forward CORPORATION
• Jupiter Shop Channel Co. Ltd
• Mt Fuji Spring Inc.
• Mobaoku Co. Ltd.
• LUXA. Inc.
• Loco Partners Inc.

• ENERES Co. Ltd.

• AEON Holdings


Network Operations Centre


In response to globalization of our customers’ businesses, KDDI’s offers a full-scale End-to-End international IP-VPN services to over 190 countries. This enables customers with overseas subsidiaries to easily build full-mesh global networks simply by accessing KDDI’s Global IP-VPN network.

KDDI also provides fully managed Internet access (IP-SEC Type) for companies with low traffic volumes or as a backup circuit.
KDDI established and maintain Network Operations Centres (NOC) in its Telehouse sites to monitor the network infrastructure of customers ensuring their performance remains uninterrupted.      

End-to-end Solutions 


KDDI has now evolved to provide end-to-end solutions to its customers with focus on the delivery, reliability and security of mission-critical data.  With areas of service delivery in international networks, data centres, system integration, data security, virtualisation and cloud, KDDI can implement state-of-the-art ICT infrastructures for your business.   


Research and Development at KDDI 

KDDI heavily invest in research and development on world-leading information and communication technologies in a wide range of fields.  KDDI R&D Laboratories is divided among six divisions: Future Design, Networks, IoT, AI & big-data, Security, and Service & Application.  This expertise enables KDDI and Telehouse to not only share the vision and passion for innovation by our customers but also support their product development.  
KDDI R&D Laboratories performs investigations, research & development, and provides consulting as well as other services on policies, markets, and businesses mainly in the information and communication fields. 

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