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Why Telehouse?


Why it makes good business sense to partner with Telehouse: 

Telehouse Interconnect

As a leading provider of carrier-neutral data centres, Telehouse Interconnect brings together more than 3,000 business partners such as Carriers, Mobile and Content providers, Enterprises and Financial services companies. Fast, efficient and secure interconnections enable companies to accelerate speed to market and to create business opportunities, now and in the future.

Carrier Interconnect
Telehouse Carrier-Interconnect consists of more than 750 Carriers, Mobile providers, ISP’s and the world’s leading Internet Exchanges; including Los Angeles (LAIIX) – New York (NYIIX) – London (LINX) – Frankfurt (DE-CIX) - Paris (FranceIX) to Tokyo (JPIX).

Cloud Interconnect
With Telehouse, you can connect to thousands of cloud service providers. This wide selection of communications and cloud service providers enables growth opportunities for your business.

State-of-the-art data centre facilities offering highest levels of reliability
Telehouse sets the industry standard for the most advanced, reliable and secure off-site IT and communications facilities with the benefits of environmental control, high availability including redundancy up to 2N+1, fire detection/suppression and multi-layer physical security systems.
Providing local knowledge and expertise in emerging markets
Telehouse operates 40 data centres worldwide offering multilingual customer support and local expertise to help customers with the country specific challenges of setting up and managing their IT projects in foreign regions. Together with KDDI's local offices, Telehouse can provide guidance for customers to launch and expand their business in 23 strategic locations worldwide including emerging markets such as Russia and China.
Strong customer service commitment
Telehouse has a wide customer base ranging from large corporations to small enterprises. Telehouse measures service performance based on customer satisfaction and works towards delivering the highest customer service levels in the industry.