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Overseas Projects

Human resource training in developing countries
engineer.jpgTechnology transfers to developing countries and personnel training are indispensable for bridging the digital divide in international society. In response to requests from governmental agencies, international organizations, and private companies, the KDDI Foundation plans and provides technical training courses such as: Satellite Communications Engineering, Optical Fiber Cable Technologies, Practical Technologies and their Implementation of Small Scale Telecommunications for the Rural Areas, Information Security for the Broadband Communications.

KDD (Kokusai Denshin Denwa Co., Ltd.) accepted overseas training participants for the first time in 1962. Since then, more than 5,600 training participants from about 144 countries have attended training courses offered by the KDDI Group.

Overseas consulting service
The KDDI Foundation offers comprehensive telecommunications consulting services inside and outside Japan to ensure the success of Official Development Assistance (ODA) projects and projects proposed by international organizations. The consulting service includes surveys and planning for telecommunications networks as well as procurement, construction, operation and maintenance of networks and telecommunications equipment. Consulting Service projects include:

- Greater Mekong Telecommunications Backbone Network Project in Cambodia
- North-South Fibre Optic Cable Link (NSFOC) Project in Vietnam
peru.jpg- VoIP Rural Communication Experimental Project in Vietnam
- Project for Improvement of International Telephone Switching System in Lao P.D.R. 
- Reinforcement of Information Communication technology for Distance Education at the University of the South Pacific (USP) in Fiji
- System Survey on Management Guidance for Multimedia Network Education Project in Malaysia
- Dispatch of Short-Term Expert on Multimedia Network Education Project in Malaysia
- Revision of Bhutan Rural Telecommunication Master Plan by ITU Short-Term Expert
- Improvement of Communication Quality of the Remote Medical Care Radio IP System in Peru

Other overseas projects:

Providing broadband internet to Bangladesh with WiMAX

bangladesh.jpgBangladesh has the 7th largest population in the world (160 million), with yearly GDP growth of around 6.2%. However, the Internet penetration of the country has remained at just 2% since 2003. KDDI recognised that infrastructure development could trigger a rise in demand for Internet access, offering a huge business opportunity. In 2009, KDDI started investing in BRACNet, the largest Internet service provider in Bangladesh. BRACNet was established in Bangladesh in 2005 as a unique joint venture between DEFTA Partners and BRAC, a large-scale NGO based in Bangladesh. 

This first fixed-WiMAX provider in the country, BRACNet now provides Internet and intranet services for corporate customers, running 110 Internet centres (“e-huts”) for individual consumers across the country. Supported by KDDI’s technology and telecommunications know-how, BRACNet provides an efficient infrastructure using fixed-WiMAX technology and an optical fibre network, delivering low-cost broadband Internet services nationwide.

Investment in Microfinance International Corporation to develop a global open mobile payment platform
In 2010, KDDI started a partnership with Microfinance International Corporation (MFIC), a US financial solution provider, involving KDDI's US$22 million investment in MFIC to support its global expansion. KDDI's extensive global relationship with over 600 carriers and MFIC's innovative money transfer solution - advanced payment/settlement system connected to a network of payers in 90 countries - enables mobile network operators to offer competitive financial services and expand the boundary of financial services to integrate billions of unbanked customers into the formal financial system.

School construction and charity concerts in Cambodia

download-(2).jpgEach year since 2005, the KDDI Foundation has held charity concerts to support Cambodia. KDDI augments the funds that are raised through these concerts, which are provided to World Assistance for Cambodia, an NGO, to build schools. Through these activities, each year a "KDDI School" is constructed to cultivate human resources that are adapted to internationalization and the use of ICT. The 8th KDDI School opened its doors in January 2013 in Cambodia's Banteay Meanchey Province. Construction and opening of the school was the 1st activity designated to publicly commemorate the 60th anniversary of friendship between Japan and Cambodia. Yasuhiko Ito, president of the KDDI Foundation, commenced his speech at the opening ceremony with a greeting in Khmer and encouraged the children by saying "Study and you can define your own future, as well as that of your country."

KDDI Open Innovation Fund to support start-up companies
In 2012, the KDDI Open Innovation Fund, which is managed by Global Brain Corporation, was established as a corporate venture fund to support promising start-up companies. Through cooperative activities, KDDI support service development, provide platforms for cloud services, and cooperate in promotional initiatives for start-ups. In this way, KDDI will foster the development of high-quality applications and services and support the growth of promising start-up companies. Furthermore, the innovative applications and services that are developed through this fund will be provided through "au Smart Pass," KDDI’s cloud-based content service, which is compatible with multiple devices and multiple operating systems. In this way, KDDI will provide customers with new experiences and value that realize the 3M strategy. Plans call for a total investment in the fund of ¥5.0 billion.

Support the cultivation of young, promising engineers 

labo.jpgIn 2011, KDDI introduced a program called "KDDI ∞ Labo" to spark the imagination of young engineers toward the creation of innovative Internet services that could be used globally. From its perspective as a provider of communications services, KDDI screens applicants who have applied to the program through open recruitment, providing those selected with broad-ranging support, spanning development support, management support for business start-ups, and help with promotion, funding, and business alliances.

International Cooperation for R&D on Cyber Attack Forecasting Technology
KDDI represents a research institution comprising six companies and organizations on a publicly subscribed R&D project tendered by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, "Proactive Response Against Cyber-attacks Through International Collaborative Exchange." In recent years, unauthorised access, information exploitation, and other types of cyber-attacks have grown in scale and become increasingly sophisticated. Through this project, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications seeks to enhance information collection networks and international collaboration related to cyber-attacks. To this end, the ministry is promoting cooperation among Internet service providers (ISP's), universities, and other organisations.

As part of this program, KDDI has installed sensors to monitor for cyber-attacks at several overseas locations. Also, in cooperation with KDDI R&D laboratories and Nanotechnologies, the Institute of Systems, Information Technologies and Nanotechnologies, Secure-Brain Corporation, Yokohama National University, and Japan Datacom Co., ltd., KDDI is promoting cutting-edge R&D related to the early detection and prevention of cyber-attacks through international collaboration. Through this project, we aim to ensure the safety of important network infrastructure an essential part of Japan's business foundation.

Setting up an ICT infrastructure within the Republic of the Marshall Islands
At the 9th Asia Pacific Telecommunication and ICT Development Forum, sponsored by Asia-Pacific Telecommunity (APT) held in Bangkok, in August 2012, KDDI received an Award from the Republic of the Marshall Islands for its promotion of a project to build an ICT environment on Mejit Island.

This Award was in recognition of the KDDI Foundation's efforts in FY2011 to design and build Internet and other communications systems linking the island of Mejit and Majuro, the capital of the Republic of the Marshall Islands, which had previously had access only to shortwave voice communications.

Environment Conservation - Acoustic Observation of Ganges River Dolphin
Since 2005, KDDI R&D laboratories - a KDDI Group organisation - has been collaborating with the University of Tokyo, the Indian Institutes of Technology, and WWF India on a conservation project involving the Ganges River Dolphin, which is facing extinction due to changing river environments.

The clicking noises and high-frequency sounds in the ultrasonic range that Ganges River Dolphins emit in the water can be used to understand the environment that surrounds them. KDDI R&D laboratories has designed an underwater acoustic observation device and developed technology to determine location based on recognised clicking sounds. These efforts are contributing to biological research on the relatively unknown Ganges River dolphin and appropriate conservation activities. Continuing this biological research, in December 2011 acoustic observations were begun on the Irrawaddy dolphins that live in the Mahakam River on the island of Borneo. In this way, KDDI plans to continue increasing its contribution to the preservation of biodiversity through the application of existing technologies.

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