Lebara needed a hosting partner that could provide reliable and robust hosting, and a high level of expertise and service globally.

Telehouse has been with us since the beginning. They are an integral part of our network hosting strategy and therefore core to our business and our success. Without partners like Telehouse we would not be able to provide our industry-leading service of high quality mobile services for our valued customers.


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The Lebara Group was founded in 2001by Leon R. Ranjith, Baskaran Kandiah and Ratheesan Yoganathan who shared a vision to transform the international calling market, making it easier for migrant communities to stay in touch with friends and family back home. Over ten years on from the launch of its international calling cards, Lebara is one of Europe’s fastest growing mobile companies, with around 4 million active customers, 1,000 employees worldwide and operations in eight countries.

The early challenges that Lebara faced were reputational. The company was entering a space renowned for poor quality and a lack of trust from its customers. In order to successfully grow, Lebara needed to eliminate these preconceptions. To add complication, Lebara needed to deliver this quality in a highly competitive pricing environment. The company had global ambitions and needed to be able to scale quickly yet remain on budget.

“We were looking to partner with a data centre for the connections and expertise, and Telehouse possessed the requisite expertise to support our objectives, as well as shared values for excellence and business integrity”

– Ratheesan Yoganathan, founder and MD, Lebara

When still a fledgling organisation with huge ambitions, Lebara partnered with Telehouse to become its primary hosting provider. Lebara also needed a partner that could grow at speed, without compromising quality and efficiency, and one that could help the company adapt with the latest technology and anticipate the changing needs of its customers. 11 years later, Lebara is the market leader, serving over 4 million customers across 8 countries around the world and it depends on Telehouse as an integral part of their network hosting strategy.

Lebara has recently set out its 2020 vision to hit 1 billion users by 2020. To achieve this, the company is looking at new opportunities to deliver innovative new products and services in the best possible combination of cost and quality. For example, its new mobile site is the first step on a journey that will redefine the way in which customers interact with the business and benefit from its services. In the not so distant future, checking a balance, topping-up, transferring money abroad, adding credit, or insuring a loved one via your mobile phone will be the norm. As set out by Ratheesan, Lebara is confident it will realise the promise of its 2020 vision with Telehouse’s continued support and expertise.

“Telehouse is fundamental to our future growth. With their continued support and high quality services and expertise, we will realise our 2020 vision and will be able to deliver on our promise, to improve the lives of migrant communities every day by providing low cost, high quality products and services, that enable them to keep in touch with their loved ones back home.”

For 2020 and beyond, the relationship between Lebara and Telehouse will continue to grow. Telehouse are committed to developing their global presence, along with further products and services that will enable Lebara to achieve their objectives.