July 19, 2010

On Monday, July 19, 2010 KDDI, Telehouse’ parent company will launch Telehouse Shanghai, providing colocation services in Shanghai, China. This will be KDDI’s second Telehouse branded enterprise in China following the opening of Telehouse Beijing.

This move will see Telehouse data centers branch out into 9 regions, 12 cities and cover 18 sites worldwide with a global footprint of approximately 113,000 square meters.

Telehouse Shanghai is a high spec data center constructed in Shanghai’s Pudong district in cooperation with Shanghai Data Solution Co., Ltd., a data center that provides redundancy related services via career diversity in Shanghai [1]. In addition to being fully equipped against power failures with a power supply via two systems from separate substations, UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply), and private power generation facilities, the center also has preventative equipment to serve in emergency situations, such as an ultra-sensitive smoke detection system (VESDA). Moreover, the center boasts extensive security measures including building access control via a 24 hour security staff, metal detector, and security gate. This new hub combines high spec facilities conforming to the Telehouse global standard with technological and practical knowhow to provide high quality data center service to customers.

KDDI has already begun providing global ICT solutions in the commercial and financial hub of Shanghai through the establishment of KDDI Shanghai and Shanghai KDDI Communications Engineering Co. Ltd. It has a solid track record of speedy and fine-tuned support for ICT service foundations among Japanese companies expanding operations in Shanghai and foreign backed companies. This new addition of Telehouse Shanghai will provide a comprehensive environment where customers’ server colocation and equipment needs are securely looked after.

1. Features

Telehouse Shanghai is a data center constructed in a newly erected building located in the financial and high tech industry heavy Pudong district. The interior temperature, humidity, power load environment, and security via surveillance video are uniformly managed. In addition to being equipped against failure outbreaks due to power failures and lightning, the center incorporates a range of trouble prevention facilities such as the latest fire and water detection systems so customers can feel absolutely safe entrusting the center with their valuable ICT assets.
In addition, the data center draws upon a network consisting of multiple communications providers, including China Telecom (CT) and China Unicom (CU), to provide the ideal network connection environment for customers.

2. Services

  • Rack collocation service
    Customer equipment is accommodated on Telehouse’s 19 inch racks. Each rack comes pre-equipped with individual locks and electric systems.
  • Cage collocation service
    Spaces enclosed in cages (iron) are available for the customer desiring stronger security measures.
  • Open collocation service
    Rack space and power are also available by the rack.

Optional services

  • Customer task fulfillment
    Based on instruction from the customer, the staff can perform equipment status checks and back up tape exchange and storage tasks.
  • ICT services
    Upon request, the center can provide a variety of service options in a one-stop environment.

3. Data Center Specifications

Location Pudong district, Shanghai (People’s Republic of China)
Space [1] 600m2
Power Power structure Power received from 2 systems and N + 1 private power generation equipment
UPS 2 (N + 1) redundant structure
Air control Air control equipment N + 1redundant structure
Operation & security Operation system 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
Languages Chinese, English, and Japanese
Security Video surveillance system, ID card verification, metal detector, security gate, and security guard checks
1. Space for installing servers.

About Telehouse

Telehouse offers data centre facilities and connectivity, providing a secure and resilient platform for mission critical IT systems. Established in 1988, Telehouse became Europe’s first purpose-built neutral colocation provider. Today, the company is at the heart of the Internet and telecommunications infrastructure, serving over 1,000 major customers worldwide, from small start-ups to multinationals across a wide range of industries. It is a subsidiary of Japanese corporation KDDI, a Global 300 company and, with its sister company Telehouse America, is able to offer a global network covering Europe, America and Asia.

About Shanghai Data Solution

Shanghai Data Solution is a company established in Shanghai in July 1997 that owns a high quality data centre with career diversity, drawing upon a network made up of communications providers such as China Telecom (CT) and China Unicom (CU)

For further information please contact:

Telehouse (United Kingdom) – Marketing Department

Tel: +44 (0)20-7512-0550

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