Throughout the nineteenth century London’s Docklands was the most important maritime port in the world. Move on a couple of centuries and the region is still a major global hub, but this time the traffic flows over the internet.

Telehouse North has been central to this progress over the past 25 years, being the UK’s most connected data centre. But it hasn’t stayed at the top of the food chain for no reason. The secret has been continuous improvement and a refusal to stand still, an approach we are continuing with the opening of a new data hall in Telehouse North, TFM24.

A platform for UK business

Since it opened in 1990 as Europe’s first purpose-built colocation data centre, Telehouse North has played a key role in connecting UK business with the rest of the world and vice versa. Accounting for the majority of the London Internet Exchange’s (LINX) connectivity, North and its global carriers give businesses the sub-millisecond connectivity that sets them apart from competitors and allows them to grow.

TFM24 will enable those organisations requiring greater availability to meet the ever increasing needs of their business and put UK companies in a position to expand internationally.

Staying at the top of the evolutionary cycle

The opening of TFM24 at Telehouse North is indicative of 25 years of innovation. The level of connectivity that businesses can now tap into derives from constant evolution to meet the demands of an ever-changing market.

The fact that Telehouse North began life in 1990 without PCs highlights why it is so important that this evolutionary process never stalls. Now, the data centre has moved on to handle an exponential volume of data, produced by the new internet, driven by apps and facilitated by the popularity of smartphones and tablets. Data centres now need to give businesses the ability not only to manage data, but get the best out of it. Through expanding North’s capacity, we will comfortably be able to accommodate those customers looking for further availability and give them the foundations from which they can grow.

Laying down roots

Being at the heart of LINX’s connectivity is crucial to building this platform for our customers. As LINX has grown over the past 20 years, we have been able to offer customers increasingly better connectivity options thanks to the physical eco-system that has grown organically on our Docklands campus. It is this natural growth that drives us on to provide our customers with high performance infrastructures that can have a significant impact on the bottom line.

These foundations, built over 25 years, allow us to keep adding to what is already a strong base and keep our customers ahead of their competition. Progression is central to everything that we do at Telehouse and we are dedicated to helping you take full advantage of the new internet that holds so many possibilities for your business.

To take space in TFM24 e-mail your account manager or [email protected].