Paris, 12 April 2022 – Telehouse, world leader and pioneer of data centre hosting, announces the appointment of Sami Slim to the position of Chief Executive of Telehouse France. He succeeds Roger Chesnel, who was the Chief Executive since 2013.

Sami Slim, engineer and graduate of Télécom SudParis and the University of Michigan, joined Telehouse France in 2010 as a Technical Sales Engineer. He quickly developed his expertise and progressed in his career, in particular occupying roles within Telehouse’s Strategic Planning Division, then becoming Deputy Director of Sales and Marketing in 2014. He defined and implemented the resources needed to improve customer interconnection capacity, thus enabling Telehouse to speed up its growth significantly. Through these various experiences, Sami Slim has demonstrated his expertise and gained the Group’s trust. Aged 37, heis the the youngest senior executive within Telehouse, which has more than 40 data centres around the world.


In 2021, Telehouse announced an investment plan of 1 billion euros over 5 years for its European operation, to strengthen the continent’s digital sovereignty. Among his new roles, Sami Slim’s main task will be to accelerate the roll-out of this ambitious project, particularly by developing the Paris-Marseille axis, which today forms a strategic crossroads for the information highways. He will also have the onerous job of keeping Telehouse in its leading position within a constantly-changing, fast-growing, technological environment.


I am even more honoured by the trust placed in me by the Group, given the central position France today holds in our global strategy. Through the digital hubs of Paris and Marseille, our ambition is to make Europe the backbone of the global internet. This ambition is achieved first and foremost by the massive expansion of our customer base, but also by acquiring personnel of exceptional talent”, asserts Sami Slim.

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