Welcome back to our Telehouse World Tour of Innovation, please allow us to share with you our most exciting developments taking place across our East Asian data centre portfolio. As a leading data centre provider to a global client base, Telehouse has always endeavoured to enhance its services to the ever growing international and regional needs of its client community.

As a pioneer in the industry, Telehouse can aid entry into new Asian markets and also ensure full security and longevity of its services. With tectonic hazard prevention innovations to new in rack cooling, Telehouse prides itself as a provider of the latest technologies – securing client reassurance and future needs.

We restart our tour at…….

….Telehouse Tokyo Tama 3:

An example of Telehouse’s innovation plans for the future include the highly ground breaking Tokyo Tama 3 data centre. Built as another suburban data centre base in Japan, service is planned to start in February 2016.
One highly outstanding feature within Tama 3 is the maximum available power per rack of 42kVA (rated), which is the highest for any data centre in Japan. By having this capability to support high-load racks, the new data centre offers diverse services, from private clouds to highly integrated content services and commercial cloud solutions.

Innovation facts:
KDDI partnered with Hitachi to deliver the innovation called ‘In Rack Air’ conditioning which can increase data centre power per rack by 50% for a group of 3-5 racks. This unique design will be installed in Tama 3 and will stand alongside other rack options.
As the most powerful KVA per rack data centre in Japan, this also exceeds the maximum KW / KVA per rack of any European Telecity, Equinix or Interxion data centre.

Beijing BDA: (Tier 4):

Telehouse Beijing BDA, which opened for business on the 1st January 2013, manages a large-scale 25,000 sqm colocation data centre providing 3,000 racks inside Beijing’s economic-technological development area. This data centre is one of the largest state-level development areas in China, securely located 30 minutes from central Beijing. The facility incorporates a redundant equipment configuration based on the Telehouse global standards, highly energy efficient system, combined with the latest technologies and a rich carrier-neutral environment.

Innovation facts:
Beijing BDA is one of the few data centres which is architectonic earthquake-proof and is built to withstand Seismic Grade 8 earthquakes.
Telehouse Beijing has access to major Chinese telecom providers such as China Telecom, China Unicom, and China Mobile and combines several carrier circuits from different routes, providing superior physically secure connections.

Telehouse Beijing BDA facility has also been named as the first foreign-affiliated firm to receive China’s 2012 IDC Industry Award for best third-party infrastructure provider – a huge achievement for Telehouse.

Telehouse Hanoi:

Telehouse Hanoi is a state-of-the-art data centre located in the commercial district of the capital Hanoi. Operated by Japan’s leading telecom provider KDDI in conjunction with Vietnam’s leading system integration provider FTP Information system, Telehouse Hanoi offers businesses the ability to build and operate a stable ICT network and fulfil the need for a dependable infrastructure solution in one of the fastest growing nations in East Asia. Telehouse Hanoi provides colocation services (rack, caged or open) and sophisticated monitoring and managed services, paired with interconnectivity and security, all operated to the stringent Telehouse Global Standards.

Innovation facts:
With Cloud Computing spend set to hit $52 billion by 2019, The Telehouse Hanoi data centre specifically offers a Cloud Virtual Private Server (VPS) service, to meet the increasingly diverse and evolving needs of Telehouse’s customers. Building on our parent company KDDI’s portfolio of enterprise Cloud solutions (Telecloud), the service includes cost-effective, scalable and highly secure storage computer systems which are designed around individual customer requirements.
Telehouse Hanoi also employs the latest security systems including Biometric sensors to authenticate the identity of visitors by verifying their finger-prints. This technical implementation makes Telehouse Hanoi one of Vietnam’s most secure data centres.

That concludes an insightful overview of our Far East innovation achievements; we hope you enjoyed the excursion and look forward to our final instalment – Telehouse World Tour of Innovation – Mainland Europe.

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