Telehouse London Docklands Campus Updates

Telehouse is committed to providing its customers with the highest level of security at our London Docklands data centre campus. A programme of activities is in place to further enhance our physical security, which includes the installation of new gates at the main entrance to the campus in July.

Please continue to use the main gates during this time as normal, however please be aware you may be directed to an alternative entrance available on Oregano Drive. Access to site on foot via the pedestrian gate and turnstile at the main entrance will not be affected.

Vehicular access to the campus through the main gates may be restricted for short periods as indicated on the dates below:

  • Wednesday 12th July 2023 – approximately 2 hours
  • Monday 17th July 2023 – approximately 4 hours
  • Wednesday 19th July 2023 – approximately 2 hours

We apologise in advance for any inconvenience this may cause. Should you have any queries, please contact your Telehouse Account Manager.

We would like to make you aware of the construction works taking place at our Telehouse South data centre. Telehouse is undertaking these works to upgrade the security and to enhance the sustainability of our facilities. This project is due to be completed in March 2024.

As part of these construction works, we will be replacing the existing glazed façade from levels 5 to 7 with sustainable exterior cladding. This new cladding system will improve building insulation and will offer the highest level of security for our new data halls by eliminating visibility from the outside.

In addition, we are introducing an improved visitor management system, with the construction of new vehicle gates, fencing and a gatehouse located at the entrance of Telehouse South. This will enhance the experience for our customers and visitors when arriving on site and improve the security.

As well as these exterior construction works, we are on track to complete one floor of additional colocation space by February 2024, with a further floor to be completed closely after in Q2 2024. At full buildout, our 31,000 sqm facility will provide 12,000 sqm of colocation space and a total power capacity of 16MW.

We are making every effort to ensure that the construction works create minimal disruption, by including wayfinding signage, LED lighting and trained security personnel throughout the building.

Should you have any questions or if you would like to book a tour of Telehouse South, please contact your Telehouse account manager or email [email protected]

To improve the PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) of our Telehouse North and Telehouse East data centres, we have replaced the Glycol pumps with more efficient and modern models, operating at lower power consumptions.

One of the biggest power consumptions within data centre buildings are the water pumps that circulate chilled water throughout the building. Telehouse East previously used 4No. 132kW Pumps running as 2No. Systems down the building, with each of these systems operating in a N+1 configuration. These pumps have been replaced with 4No. 90kW variable speed Pumps, providing the same amount of flow rate at a lower power consumption.

In Telehouse North, 4No. 110kW Pumps served the building in an N+2 configuration. These pumps previously ran as a single system, serving the entirety of the building. To improve the efficiency, these pumps have also been replaced with 4No. variable speed 90kW Pumps.

The pump replacements project is just one of the steps we are taking to reduce our carbon footprint. For more information, click here.

Today, global data centre service provider announces a collaboration with software provider EkkoSense, enabling the organisation to achieve an anticipated 461 tonnes reduction in CO2 carbon emissions at its Telehouse North site by the end of FY 2022.

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