In order to set up a ‘Point-of-Presence’ (PoP), which would allow it to expand its footprint into the European market, edpnet was searching for a data centre provider that could handle high-density set-ups, with access to a wide array of possible carriers and customers.

Established in 1996, edpnet is an independent Belgian telecom carrier that offers services worldwide. Created by Belgian entrepreneur Philip Deutz, the focus of edpnet has always been to offer customers the opportunity to take advantage of the latest communication technology. In order to do this it specialises in affordable high capacity connections across Europe, Russia and the USA.

Headquarted in Sint-Niklaas, Belgium, edpnet currently employs over 80 full time staff with offices in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Edpnet’s solution range consists of competitively priced IP transit, data connectivity, data centre and voice solutions for small and medium sized businesses and large organisations.

In a world where there is an insatiable demand for bandwidth from all corners of the globe, telecom providers face strong growth and competition in order to establish a presence within the market. For edpnet, this is no different.

According to Philip Deutz, CEO of edpnet, the increased demand for mobile and video content has added another element of competition to the telecommunications market and firms need to work even harder when it comes to staying ahead of competitors.

In order to ensure edpnet is meeting these demands, it needed to set up a ‘Point-of-Presence’ (PoP), which would allow it to expand its footprint into the European market. Doing this would allow the company to meet the demands of tomorrow’s Internet, and also achieve a key objective of becoming a leading European telecommunications provider with market presence of at least five per cent in each European country. It needed a data centre that could handle high-density set-ups, with access to a wide array of possible carriers and customers.

“2011 has yet again seen huge demands for increased levels of bandwidth. While we welcome this, we are aware of the challenges this represents. The main challenge we face is ensuring we are able to offer a personalised, quality service and optimal performing network, all at a price that is attractive to the customer. It’s therefore important to have a competent dynamic workforce and an in depth understanding of the particular industry; something I strongly believe we do”

– Philip Deutz, CEO of edpnet

In order for edpnet to establish a strong European presence, connectivity was key. Telehouse’s data centre is a key transport hub for all fibre optics coming in and out of Europe. By setting up a PoP within Telehouse’s data centre based in the heart of London Docklands, edpnet has access to over 400 carriers, ISPs and ASPs, all of which are currently colocated at Telehouse.

Edpnet also has connectivity to major telecoms and network service providers, while being connected to all Telehouse data centres and its associated networks.

“When it came to identifying a suitable data centre, we had to be sure whoever we chose had the capacity for future expansion as well as the ability to grow with our needs,” said Deutz.

“In terms of location, Telehouse was ideally placed to meet our need of providing a significant offering into European markets. We can connect to all its London sites as well as having access to an extensive range of carriers, ISPs and ASPs, which we can select to find the one that best fit our business needs. In addition, the cost and rates being offered were incredibly competitive, and represent real value for money for us. After assessing all these points as well as meeting them, it was clear their passions aligned with ours.”

In addition to providing a PoP into European markets, edpnet will also be provided with secure site access with 24x7x365 operational control, monitoring and preventative maintenance, as well as skilled engineers providing 24-hour technical support.

After signing the contract in March 2011, edpnet has been able to dramatically extend its European presence, with a PoP into key European markets, all via the Telehouse hub located in London Docklands. In turn, this has meant edpnet have been able to increase its portfolio and customer base; strengthening its position as one of Europe’s leading telecommunications carrier.

According to Deutz, the expansion represents big business potential: “The implementation was very fast, and flawless. We have worked with a lot of different housing providers in the past and we can honestly say Telehouse has outperformed them all. The documentation and support we received were excellent, with no troubling issues. The impact this has had on our business now and for the future, is and will be huge, and if the opportunity arises we won’t hesitate to expand our relationship with Telehouse.”