Using the best-interconnected data centres in the United States and Europe, Voxility typically serves Telcos, data centres, Hosting and Cloud Service Providers around the world by renting enterprise hardware, providing network access, 1Tbps+ distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) protection and on-site support services and ranks in the top 100 largest internet networks across the globe, based on listed public interconnections capacity.

Voxility is a global Infrastructure-as-a-Service provider with offices in San Francisco, London, Frankfurt, and Bucharest.

The Voxility Network is distinguished by its geographical coverage and ability to provide access to hundreds of ISPs with significant bandwidth to the internet. It is directly connected to more than 1300 BGP peers for the best regional content distribution so that it can quickly deliver almost any kind of cloud service. Some of the highest-traffic websites in the world use Voxility’s equipment and network to deliver day-to-day value to their customers.

Voxility is providing globally consistent, secure and reliable IaaS solutions, located in very close proximity to its customers. In order to succeed, it was mandatory for the company to partner with premium colocation facilities, focusing on “carrier dense” data centres. These have the ability to provide easily trackable, good results for a number of criteria used in choosing the best data centres (network ecosystem, financial stability, location, deployment efficiency, etc.). Additionally, Voxility provides premium DDoS Mitigation service for networks of all sizes, as an automated, cloud-based service that maintains uptime and reduces costs for its users.

“The demand for colocation space shows no signs of relenting, and our customers interested in managing their own infrastructure using premium data centre services had very specific requirements. In 2014, we strategically contracted Telehouse for their Telehouse North data centre located at their London Docklands campus, solving many issues we encountered with connectivity prices, latency and scalability,” said Maria Sirbu, VP of Business Development at Voxility.

“In 2014, we strategically contracted Telehouse North, Europe's most well established carrier-neutral data centre, the home to the London Internet Exchange (LINX), and to other major peering exchanges. As a result of this partnership, we have extended our high-capacity network which gives customers greater flexibility in the way they operate and also gives unprecedented advantages by being in the same room with almost all the important networks on the internet.”

– Maria Sirbu, VP of Business Development at Voxility

London continues to be Europe’s largest data centre market as foreign investment and the growth of cloud service providers are fueling the industry’s expansion. Colocation in London is highly valuable and has key advantages over other European cities. Maria Sirbu also expresses the team’s 100% confidence in Telehouse and the services they provide. From utilities and infrastructure to security and reliability, there are several great reasons to add this facility on the PoPs list.

However, interconnection opportunities also played a major role, with Telehouse North serving close to 400 global carriers of all sizes and purposes. By establishing direct peering links with other operators on-site, Voxility reduced its costs in terms of internet transit. Following the increase in demand for its Cloud DDoS Mitigation Services, the company was able to connect directly to more customers, offering lower latency solutions at better prices.

Following the collaboration with Telehouse Maria Sirbu explained: “The new location allowed us to improve our local infrastructure operation in London, but it also made a significant change to the way we operate globally. It made it possible to connect to new networks in a simpler way and deliver IAAS Cloud services faster. Cloud DDoS Mitigation services contracted via direct Cross Connect provide a significant reduction of latency times for our end customers. The ease of scalability in colocation services for both, us and our clients, offers flexibility and peace of mind.”

Due to the new addition on the company’s PoPs lists, the latency times for network services and DDoS mitigation scenarios where reduced significantly, by approximately 20-30%.

“Our team continuously strives to provide our customers with the highest levels of quality, reliability, and security, enabling them to maximize their end-user value. Working with Telehouse has given us the colocation and interconnection opportunities we needed to expand the coverage of our IaaS solutions and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Premium colocation services come at a higher price compared with other locations in London, but this is easily compensated by the low cost of Cross Connects and a significant number of business opportunities when trading with other service providers in this location.”, concluded Maria Sirbu.

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