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In order to ensure QuantHouse was able to offer its customers the fastest connectivity it needed to partner with a provider who could offer the flexibility and speed needed to meet the demands of a global customer base, with ultra low latency.
Established initially in 2000, as a quant/algo hedge fund, developing proprietary technology and infrastructure, QuauntHouse is now the global leader in end-to-end systematic trading solutions. Created by a group of managers, IT experts and Quant Traders coming from the hedge fund community, QuantHouse’s technology has been designed for electronic trading aimed at the buy-side customer. The company has over 90 employees spread out across three offices in London, Paris and New York. 

The vision of the company is to help financial firms to take the lead by providing ready-to-use systematic trading solutions.
For QuantHouse, ultra low-latency is key to the success of its customers. Increasingly global buy and sell side firms are relying on ultra-low latency market data solutions to provide them with a competitive advantage. Reliable low latency market data capabilities are more important now than ever before. Market participants need to react first to changing market conditions and as a result firms are looking to partner with a provider who can supply sub-millisecond access to multiple exchanges. In order to ensure QuantHouse was able to offer its customers the fastest connectivity it needed to partner with a provider who could offer the flexibility and speed needed to meet the demands of a global customer base, with ultra low latency. 

“At QuantHouse, the challenge is and will always be to ensure that our solutions are aligned with the most efficient technology, therefore we invest heavily in R&D,” says Pierre Feligioni, COO and co-founder of QuantHouse. “By working with Telehouse, we wanted to take advantage of their technology in order to offer our customers the quickest and most efficient trading platform possible.” 
Since 2005 Telehouse has been providing QuantHouse with access to the leading financial exchanges. Telehouse’s data centre is a key transport hub for all fibre optic links coming from the US and Europe. This provides QuantHouse’s financial clients, who are using colocation services, with key business advantages, that allow them to optimise the trading performance of their algorithms. 

QuantHouse had been based in Telehouse East’s London data centre, with a point-of-presence (POP) to the US and Europe financial exchanges. As QuantHouse grew, so did its demand for space. The demand for growth presented Telehouse with an opportunity to position QuantHouse with an area within Telehouse West, a new site based in the heart of London Docklands. 

Telehouse West is a state-of-the-art facility offering high levels of security, power, cooling and technical support. The site is made up of nine floors with over 19,000m2 of technical and customer space, with each floor capable of loading 1.5 tonnes per sq/m. For QuantHouse, the opportunities of being able to expand its POP to the new site presented an enormous opportunity to greatly increase its quality and service to its customers. 

“For our customers low latency connectivity is the ultimate factor which determines how successful you are”, says Feligioni. “For Financial institutions the difference between success and failure can rest in fractions of a second. Our customers demand the best and fastest service possible and are simply not content with low latency; they demand ultra low latency. In order to meet these demands, we need to be confident that the firms we partner with are able to provide us with the necessary requirements. 
“Since 2005, we have enjoyed a strong relationship with Telehouse and the emergence of Telehouse West in London Docklands allows us the lowest latency possible for our customers. Our presence within Telehouse West will enable our customers to trade quicker and more efficiently because they can be connected even closer to brokers and exchanges.” 
In addition to ultra low latency, the new data centre provides QuantHouse with the highest security measures including systems-controlled access and front-line security staff, perimeter intrusion detection equipment and CCTV, among several protection measures.
Since moving to Telehouse West, QuantHouse has seen huge growth in the uptake of its offering. Its POP is able to offer customers ultra low latency and the closest proximity possible to core financial markets and exchanges. 

“By combining QuantHouse and Telehouse technology, our customers can be interconnected at the closest point of the exchange with the fastest and best technology provider,” says Feligioni. 

“The move to Telehouse West has meant that implementing a new customer server can be done in days, thanks to the support of the Telehouse team. This is brilliant for our customers as they can be up and trading very quickly. We do plan to continue our partnership with Telehouse and as we grow, we’d like them to grow with us.”