Dedicated to meeting the fast-evolving connectivity demands of the digital age, international network services provider RETN selected Telehouse to support its ambitious growth plans in the UK, Europe and Asia.

RETN is one of the fastest-growing independent UK-based network providers, with unique resources to connect Europe and Asia and provide connectivity solutions on 3 continents. It offers a wide range of connectivity services, such as IP transit, Ethernet and VPN, capacity and remote peering to major internet exchange points, colocation and cloud connect. Its customers are wide-ranging – telecoms, content providers, enterprises from the tech industry and more.


RETN became a Telehouse customer


Global points of presence

135,000 km

Network length

RETN is distinctive for its ownership of an extensive, international fibre network. Running on equipment from leading vendors, the network encompasses more than 135,000 km and more than 870 PoPs.

RETN offers a unique solution offering diverse network routes throughout Europe and Asia. Built on its own homogeneous DWDM and IP/MPLS network platform and widely branched land routes, passing through Western Europe, Eastern Europe leading to the border with China and further onwards into Southeast Asia.

As a more agile provider, RETN values its ability to offer quick, high-quality connectivity solutions to its customers’ global operations. The company required a data centre service provider capable of facilitating rapid connections to standalone services within the UK and across international data centres, all while upholding a high level of service support.

RETN’s goal was to expand its footprint in the UK, focusing on enhancing customer connections and revenue growth. The challenge was twofold: firstly, to identify a data centre that could offer extensive connectivity not just within the UK but also extending to Europe, Asia, and Africa; and secondly, to ensure the facility could support rapid expansion in terms of space, power, cooling, and immediate availability of internet services.

While RETN has been a Telehouse customer since 2014 and remains committed to its vendor-neutral stance, the decision to deepen this relationship was made as a result of this long-standing partnership. Telehouse’s Docklands campus in London was chosen for its ability to meet RETN’s needs: providing rack space, power, and efficient connections between RETN and its customers. The campus acts as a crucial international gateway, linking the US, Europe, and Africa, and its recent expansions such as Telehouse North Two and Telehouse South have assured RETN of the site’s scalability for future growth. Telehouse’s alliance with the London Internet Exchange (LINX) further enhances RETN’s connectivity in the UK market.

RETN’s expansion of its relationship with Telehouse has contributed significantly to its success, playing an important role in supporting RETN’s rapid growth and expansion plans, in line with the increasing demand for its services in the UK, Europe, and Asia. Telehouse, with its fast service delivery and reliability, has enabled RETN to not only meet but exceed its customers’ evolving expectations. The mutual focus on quality, speed, and service has been advantageous, allowing RETN to pursue and achieve its growth objectives while maintaining its commitment to independence and vendor neutrality.

“While we remain data centre agnostic, our partnership with Telehouse has been integral in accessing a wider customer base but even more importantly, supporting RETN’s ethos of delivering critical connectivity solutions in a fast and straight-forward manner – adding real value to our customer’s.” said Chris Elliott, UK Commercial Director at RETN. “Telehouse’s contributions are significant in our journey of growth, providing the robust connectivity our expanding customer base demands across the UK, Europe, Southeast Asia, China, and emerging markets in Africa. Telehouse’s position as a major hub in London facilitates our needs to connect these markets globally.”

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