Cloud Connectivity & Data Management for Financial Services

To meet the low latency demands of the financial sector, a secure and compliant data center is crucial for success. Whether in insurance or banking, a strategic point of presence is essential, especially iwhen supporting a hybrid environment. Colocation and cloud connectivity are key components, providing secure infrastructure, regulatory compliance, and high connectivity for real-time transactions. Cloud services offer flexibility and scalability, enabling financial institutions to adapt, optimize resources, and foster innovation. The combination of colocation and cloud connectivity serves as the foundation for navigating the complexities of the financial industry with confidence and agility.

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Telehouse Benefits for Financial Companies

Telehouse delivers secure, compliant, and highly connected data center solutions for financial services firms at the London Docklands campus. Through resilient connectivity, robust infrastructure, and diverse cloud services, Telehouse enables financial institutions to achieve responsiveness, uphold regulatory standards, and excel in a dynamic digital environment.

Secure solution providers

Telehouse London Docklands is the premier choice for financial services, providing rapid and direct connections with leaders in network and cloud interconnect services. Hosting the largest point of presence for the London Internet Exchange (LINX) and serving as the resilient hub for Amazon Web Services (AWS) Direct Connect and Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute London 2, it is the optimal solution for financial institutions. Committed to upholding international ISO standards, Telehouse makes the security of your infrastructure a priority; with 360-degree monitored perimeter fencing, 24/7 security personnel, stringent access control, and extensive CCTV coverage, ensuring complete peace of mind.

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