Transform or risk losing market share

Enterprises are being challenged by agile, technology-enabled market entrants and must transform quickly to avoid losing market share. In response, many are putting their IT infrastructure environments under the microscope, seeking to develop high-speed, low-latency interconnections between cloud, colocation and edge computing. But how exactly is each sector faring and how do their plans compare?

Ahead of the launch of Telehouse South – the latest addition to Europe’s most connected data centre campus – we asked 250 UK enterprise IT decision-makers to tell us about the IT infrastructure challenges, opportunities and risks they’re facing on their quest for IT maturity.

Enterprises reveal their IT infrastructure challenges and opportunities

This is a sneak peak of what we found:

• A third say they need to transform their IT infrastructure or risk becoming less competitive
• Pressure is being driven by needs to improve cyber security, enhance customer experience, and increase efficiency
• 33% say growing data volumes are now a serious problem
• Many are turning to edge computing as the answer with 68% already implementing a strategy
• 99% of enterprises are using colocation

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