About Telehouse Singapore:

Telehouse Singapore is a state-of-the-art Tier 3 plus data centre situated in a prime industrial location in the east of Singapore Island. With the vast number of multinationals expanding their presence in Asia through Singapore, the country has quickly become a hot spot for data centre and cloud computing development.


Designed as a technically leading facility with accessibility, infrastructure and risk reduction in mind, our Telehouse data centre is located 20 minutes from the city center and Changi airport in one of the safest regions in Asia.

Data Centre Infrastructure

Rack colocation

Customers equipment is installed in a 19-inch individually locked cabinet

Caged colocation service

Customers requiring high security for medium-sized server farms and mission-critical systems

Open space colocation service

Space for customers to set up their own rack

Data centre specifications

  • Standard power per rack at 2.5kVA with a maximum power supply of 5kVA
  • Two independent power supply from different power stations
  • 2N UPS system with capacity at 15 minutes fully charged
  • N+1 oil driven private generators able to run for 24 hours continuously
  • Average power supply at 860W/m² with a maximum at 1640W/m²
  • Latest high volume air-conditioning system
  • N+2 redundancy climate control configuration
  • Thorough humidity and temperature management
  • Highly sensitive monitoring system enables immediate detection and response to facility environmental changes
  • Carrier neutral facility with connections to multiple carriers
  • International circuit connectivity provided by KDDI on-site
  • Fire prevention system uses inert gas
  • Pre-action sprinkler installed
  • Early smoke detection system in place with automatic fire extinguishing facility operating without damaging client equipment
  • 24-hour on-site personnel monitoring security of premises
  • 24/7 CCTV surveillance cameras are installed around data centre
  • Biometric sensor verifies identity by using vein patterns, located at entrance to colocation space
  • Single-point entry used to prevent potential intruders tail gating into data centre
  • 600mm height of raised floor
  • 100% anti-static fl ooring throughout
  • Floor load at 824kg/m²
  • NOC operators working 24/7 within data centre to monitor operation status of equipment and to maintain stability
  • Bi-lingual helpdesk and support for multinational companies
  • Free of charge meeting space, internet connection via wireless LAN, tools rental and storage service for engineers

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