About Telehouse West Data Centre, London

Opened in April 2010, this data centre is an additional home to the London Internet Exchange hosting a brand new peering switch platform designed for powerful low-latent connectivity. With approximately 5,000 m2 of colocation space, Telehouse West provides an ideal environment for a primary as well as a disaster recovery/backup site. Home to leading financial institutions, media/content and Cloud providers, Telehouse West data centre in London is designed for the data-critical corporation.

Data Centre Infrastructure

  • Telehouse West data centre can provide Shared Facilities Management (SFM), Dedicated Facilities Management (DFM) and high density rack hosting up to 10kW
  • Fully managed half rack service with best of breed hardware
  • Telehouse provides hardware supply and maintenance service through gold partnerships with leading vendors

Data centre specifications

  • Average power per rack - 4kW
  • Four redundant HV power systems, from separate grids to each building on the Docklands site
  • 8 x 2.5MVA 11kV Generators with N+1 redundant standby generators with a minimum of 24 hours autonomy at full capacity
  • 2 (N+1) redundant UPS floor by floor
  • Redundant A & B power feeds to customer equipment
  • On-site primary substation with total capacity of 50MVA with cooling and two 132kV power lines directly connected to the National Grid with two transformers providing N+N redundancy
  • 6 x 2.7MW chillers N 2 configuration
  • Room Air Conditioning Units (RACUs) to provide down-flow chilled water system at N 25%
  • RACU with bunded floor area and water leakage detection and monitoring
  • Hot aisle/cold aisle zone design
  • 900mm raised floor design with airflow space to provide the most efficient cooling
  • Free cooling operation in winter
  • Maximum external ambient temperature of 35 degrees Celsius dry bulb
The facility continues the availability of wide connectivity to major telecoms and network service providers and offers customers connectivity to any telecom presence in the Telehouse data centres.
  • Connectivity to 2 meet me rooms offering true diversity directly connectable from each tenant floor
  • Hosts the London Internet Exchange peering platform allowing low-latency connectivity
  • In 2012, LINX doubled the bandwidth
  • Data centre areas are fitted with a fully addressable two stage fire detection system that monitors both under-floor and the room itself
  • Detectors with a 50% mix of optical and ionisation are split across 2 separate zonal-loops, to meet BS 5839, 6266, 5445 and 5588
  • Very Early Smoke Detection alarms (VESDA) installed throughout the facility
  • Dry sprinkler fire detection system to meet BS 5306, 3115 and with LFEPA approval. (Dry sprinkler is the main fire suppression method employed.)
  • The systems are designed to minimise any possible customer disruption and to ensure that any minor problems remain localised
  • Independent client card identification access system
  • Secure and monitored single-person point of entry, physically guarded 24/7 and integrated digital video camera surveillance
  • Proximity card access is provided from the main data centre building and is issued to provide access only to authorised facilities management suites
  • Strict security processes are in place to ensure the delivery and loading of goods is secure
  • CCTV coverage for the perimeter, common areas and facilities management suites

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