After more than a year’s extensive work, with a total investment of 250 million euros, Telehouse, European specialist in high-connectivity hosting facilities, now announces the opening of its new datacentre, at the TH3 Paris Magny Campus.

A scalable and hyperconnected site for Datacentre market

This new datacentre on the TH3 Paris Magny Campus will play a leading role in the coming years, providing active support to French and European digital sovereignty, alongside the digital transformation of business.

With its environmentally responsible design, high-level security and a 12,000 m2 IT surface, the datacentre operates at a total electrical power of 18 megawatts, and has the highest possible standard of resilience, with 99.999% service availability. Some 30 minutes from central Paris, on a former EADS military site, the datacentre is strategically located to accommodate extended IT infrastructure for companies. It is also situated outside the concentration zone for datacentres in north-eastern Paris, a key factor for geographical redundancy, enhancing security for the IT infrastructures it hosts, and thus ensuring continuity of service for companies.

A benchmark for energy efficiency and CSR

This new site also stands out for its low environmental impact, with its eco-responsible construction, choosing the best available cooling technology, such as free-chilling built into its air-condenser refrigeration units, to minimise water consumption and reduce electricity consumption. The WUE (water usage effectiveness) of the new datacentre is close to zero.

These innovations enable the datacentre to achieve an average PUE (Power Usage effectiveness) of less than 1.3, placing it among the most efficient on the market. Regarding the site’s power supply, its 100% renewable electricity supply comes with guarantee of origin certificates, giving a CUE (Carbon Usage Efficiency) of close to zero (using the market based GHG Protocol).

Sami SLIM, General Manager of Telehouse France “Our new datacentre fits into our strategic plan, supporting European and national digital sovereignty, helping to broaden our hosting and connectivity capabilities. We seek to attract global internet traffic to Europe, offering our clients trusted, efficient infrastructure, with low environmental impact, so they can successfully pursue their own strategy for growth.”