In this extended edition of “Making Connections,” adventure meets the corporate world through the candid insights of Mark Beaumont, a distinguished adventurer and record-breaking cyclist. Hosted by Nick Layzell, Customer Success Director at Telehouse, this episode is a deep dive into the high-stakes experiences and invaluable lessons Mark has learned from his global expeditions and how they translate for leaders in business and IT.

Joining Mark and Nick in this revealing discussion is Mark Pestridge, Executive Vice President & General Manager at Telehouse Europe, exploring the intersection of business leadership and the extreme challenges of adventure sports. This episode is a rare opportunity to hear an adventurer openly share not just triumphs but also the setbacks, offering a realistic and human perspective on leadership. For anyone leading teams, facing challenges, or looking for inspiration in business and beyond, this podcast promises an honest, inside look at the lessons learned from the front lines of adventure.

What can Mark’s candid revelations about his successes and failures teach us about resilience, strategic planning, and overcoming challenges? And how does the human side of enduring physical and mental trials inform the dynamics of team leadership and corporate strategy?