In this episode of “Making Connections” host Nick Layzell, Customer Success Director at Telehouse, is joined by two leading voices in the field: Andy Thornley from techUK and Alex Pennington, Legal Counsel at Telehouse. This episode offers an in-depth exploration of the implications of FFDA and Open Finance, discussing the nuances of data sharing mandates, impacts on digital identity, consumer protection, and the strategic responses required by financial organisations.

The financial industry is on the brink of a significant transformation with the emergence of the Framework for Financial Data Access (FFDA) in the EU and Open Finance in the UK. These ground-breaking regulations raise crucial questions: How will they reshape the landscape of financial data sharing? What are the implications for financial institutions, both in terms of challenges and opportunities? How should organisations prepare for the compliance and technological shifts ahead?

This insightful conversation is a must-listen for professionals navigating the finance sector, policymakers, and tech enthusiasts seeking to understand the dynamic intersection of financial services, regulation, and technology.