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  • Telehouse Shanghai Zhangjiang - No.4 Building 400 Fangchun Rd.,  ZJ.Hi-Tech Park, Shanghai, China

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    Telehouse Shanghai Zhangjiang - No.4 Building 400 Fangchun Rd., ZJ.Hi-Tech Park, Shanghai, China


About Telehouse Shanghai Zhangjiang:

Telehouse Shanghai Zhangjiang is located in the High-Tech Park, managed by the Chinese government, 30 minutes from the Shanghai Pudong International Airport and the Finance & Trade Zone. Telehouse Shanghai, a Tier 3 plus colocation 
facility, built and operated to the highest international specifications, offers carrier neutral choice in 
connectivity. Designed and built in conjunction with partner company Shanghai Data Solution , this 
newly operating state-of-the-art data center enjoys high levels of security, power, cooling and technical 
support. Along with a portfolio of valuable business continuity solutions, Telehouse can build and 
support a reliable ICT infrastructure for multinational and local corporations within China.

Data Centre Infrastructure:

• Rack colocation - customers equipment is installed in a 19-inch individually locked cabinet
• Caged colocation service - customers requiring high security for medium-sized server farms and mission-critical systems
• Open space colocation service - space for customers to set up their own rack

Data Centre Specifications


• Dual power feeds into the building providing 2×3.6 MVA power to the data centre from two different substations via different routes
• N+1 redundant stand by generators with a minimum of 24 hours autonomy at full capacity
• 2(N+1) redundant UPS system with 30 minutes battery fully charged
• Redundant A & B power feeds to customer equipment
• Standard power per rack at 1.8KVA, maximum power available at 3KVA

Air Conditioning and Cooling:

• Air-cooled climate control system
• Air conditioning redundancy at N 1 configuration with 24 hours operation
• Hot aisle and cold aisle zone design
• Temperature in Summer: 22˚C±2˚C, Winter: 20˚C±2
• Humidity maintained at 55%±10%
• Water Leakage Detection System in place
• 750mm raised fl oor, antistatic with durable fl oor loading of slab at 800kg/sqm 
• Ceiling Height at 3,750mm


• Telehouse Beijing have access to major Chinese telecom providers such as China Telecom, China 
• Unicom, FibrLink and SDS, establishing a carrier-neutral facility, rare among Shanghai data centers 
• Telehouse Beijing have in place several carrier circuits from different routes, providing physically secure connections

Fire Detection & Suppression:

• IG541 Inergen-gas fire suppression system in place
• Very early smoke detection alarms (VESDA) installed throughout facility

Security System:

• Independent client card identification access system 
• Secure access procedures to ensure that customer nominated staff only gain authorized access to the facility whenever required, day or night
• 24 x 7 x 365 on-site personnel security guards 
• CCTV surveillance cameras throughout data center
• Single-point of entry with mantrap 
• Centralized monitoring BMS (Building Management System) in place for fast response and reporting
• Metal detectors at the entrance and security gate 
• Customer racks have triple dial key locks installed

Additional Specifications:

• Seismic shock resistance of grade 7
• Rental Offi ce Space/Meeting rooms
• Bi-lingual helpdesk and technical support staff
• ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Management Certifi ed

Additional Services:

• Network and system monitoring service
• Routine tape back up service
• Provision of restroom and leased office space
Telehouse Shanghai Zhangjiang

Telehouse Shanghai Zhangjiang