About Telehouse Shanghai Zhangjiang

Telehouse Shanghai Zhangjiang is located in the High-Tech Park, managed by the Chinese government, 30 minutes from the Shanghai Pudong International Airport and the Finance & Trade Zone. Telehouse Shanghai, a Tier 3 plus colocation facility, built and operated to the highest international specifications, offers carrier neutral choice in connectivity.


Designed and built in conjunction with partner company Shanghai Data Solution, this newly operating state-of-the-art data center enjoys high levels of security, power, cooling and technical support. Along with a portfolio of valuable business continuity solutions, Telehouse can build and support a reliable ICT infrastructure for multinational and local corporations within China.

Data Centre Infrastructure

Rack colocation

Customers equipment is installed in a 19-inch individually locked cabinet

Caged colocation service

Customers requiring high security for medium-sized server farms and mission-critical systems

Open space colocation service

Space for customers to set up their own rack

Data centre specifications

  • Dual power feeds into the building providing 2×3.6 MVA power to the data centre from two different substations via different routes
  • N+1 redundant stand by generators with a minimum of 24 hours autonomy at full capacity
  • 2(N+1) redundant UPS system with 30 minutes battery fully charged
  • Redundant A & B power feeds to customer equipment
  • Standard power per rack at 1.8KVA, maximum power available at 3KVA
  • Air-cooled climate control system
  • Air conditioning redundancy at N 1 configuration with 24 hours operation
  • Hot aisle and cold aisle zone design
  • Temperature in Summer: 22˚C±2˚C, Winter: 20˚C±2
  • Humidity maintained at 55%±10%
  • Water Leakage Detection System in place
  • 750mm raised fl oor, antistatic with durable fl oor loading of slab at 800kg/sqm
  • Ceiling Height at 3,750mm
  • Telehouse Beijing have access to major Chinese telecom providers such as China Telecom, China
  • Unicom, FibrLink and SDS, establishing a carrier-neutral facility, rare among Shanghai data centers
  • Telehouse Beijing have in place several carrier circuits from different routes, providing physically secure connections
  • IG541 Inergen-gas fire suppression system in place
  • Very early smoke detection alarms (VESDA) installed throughout facility
  • Independent client card identification access system
  • Secure access procedures to ensure that customer nominated staff only gain authorized access to the facility whenever required, day or night
  • 24 x 7 x 365 on-site personnel security guards
  • CCTV surveillance cameras throughout data center
  • Single-point of entry with mantrap
  • Centralized monitoring BMS (Building Management System) in place for fast response and reporting
  • Metal detectors at the entrance and security gate
  • Customer racks have triple dial key locks installed
  • Seismic shock resistance of grade 7
  • Rental Offi ce Space/Meeting rooms
  • Bi-lingual helpdesk and technical support staff
  • ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Management Certified
  • Network and system monitoring service
  • Routine tape back up service
  • Provision of restroom and leased office space

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