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Telehouse House Rules (London Docklands)

To help ensure your visit to our site is as safe and productive as possible, Telehouse have created these House Rules. The purpose of the House Rules is to ensure compliance with legislation, regulation, industry best practice, and health and safety obligations.
All clients, suppliers and other visitors must abide by the House Rules when visiting the data centre. Telehouse reserves the right to amend these House Rules from time to time. The latest version of the House Rules is available from the service desk and on our website.

1. Access & Security 
Access to the data centre is restricted to authorised individuals only. Upon arrival, all visitors must provide formal photographic identification and submit to a search of their bags if requested by a member of security.

Telehouse will issue you with one of the following forms of access pass:
 - Facilities Management (FM) Pass – This will enable access to your designated licence zone and is valid only on the day of issue. The access pass will expire at midnight on the day of issue. If you are required to work beyond this time, you must inform reception
 - Visitor Pass – Visitors must be escorted by a member of Telehouse at all times during their visit

Access passes must:
  •  - be displayed at all times within the data centre
  •  - not be removed from the data centre
  •  - not be loaned to or exchanged with other clients or visitors
  •  - be returned to reception prior to leaving the data centre
  •  - immediately notify reception if your access pass is lost or misplaced

Telehouse reserves the right to withhold or confiscate any access pass. Access passes will at all times remain the property of Telehouse.

2. General
  •  - taking photographs or using filming devices within the data centre is strictly prohibited (this includes mobile phone cameras). Telehouse reserves the right to ask anyone seen using a photographic or filming device to delete any images taken within the data centre
  •  - do not leave bags/packages unattended. Any unattended bags/packages will be removed and may be destroyed
  •  - immediately report any suspicious activity or behaviour and unattended bags/packages to the service desk
  •  - food and drink are strictly prohibited within the data centre. Food and drink may only be consumed within the Bytes restaurant (see map A)
  •  - anyone under the age of 18 years is prohibited from entering the data centre, unless otherwise agreed in advance with Telehouse
  •  - all doors must be closed after use, especially the doors to staircases and designated licence zones to ensure that smoke/fire and environmental systems work effectively
  •  - smoking (including electronic cigarettes and vaporisers) is strictly prohibited within the data centre
  •  - immediately evacuate the building when the fire alarm is activated. Do not run or use the lifts. Please use the nearest available exit and proceed to the fire assembly point (see map A)

3. Deliveries
Telehouse will accept deliveries in accordance with the following:
  •  - provide the delivery team ( with at least 24 hours’ advance written notice of delivery, which includes the following contact details: company name; contact name; address and phone number of both the sender and intended recipient  - all deliveries must be clearly addressed to the client and include the name of a person recorded on the client’s access list
  •  - any delivery that is likely to be of a substantial size or weight must be agreed with the delivery team prior to arranging
  •  - deliveries should be collected from the loading bay (see map A) within 24 hours of arrival, or as otherwise agreed with the delivery team. Any delivery that has not been collected after 14 days will be returned to sender at the client’s expense.
4. Health & Safety
  •  - all work must be carried out in accordance with the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974, and all other applicable health and safety law, including The Management of Health & Safety at Work (Amendment) Regulations 2006
  •  - for any hazardous work that a client requests to perform within the data centre, the client must provide Telehouse with both a method statement and risk assessment. These documents must be approved in advance by Telehouse before work can commence
  •  - immediately report all incidents including RIDDOR (Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations) to the service desk
  •  - dispose of WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) waste, including bulk or unusual items that cannot be handled by normal cleaning methods. If necessary, Telehouse can arrange for a quotation for WEEE waste disposal, including certified destruction documentation
  •  - it is strictly prohibited to store or leave any packaging, wrapping, cardboard, plastic or other materials (“General Waste”) in any licence zone. It is a client’s responsibility to remove all General Waste from a licence zone. Telehouse’s cleaning team will collect and dispose of General Waste that is left safely and neatly in a corridor
  •  - for first aid assistance please contact the first aid station (see map A). A portable AED defibrillator is located at reception
5. Licence Zones
  • - install and orientate their racks and equipment as directed by Telehouse. Telehouse reserves the right to rectify any installation that does not adhere to such directions at the client’s expense
  • - it is prohibited to use racks for storage, unless expressly permitted by Telehouse
  • - generally, it is prohibited to access the floor or ceiling voids. Please contact the service desk if you require access to the floor or ceiling voids
  • - all cabling must be installed and managed by Telehouse. Telecommunications cables may be installed by a carrier, and/or a carrier’s contractor, under a permit to work between the building intake point and a carrier’s PoP. Such installation will be subject to supervision by Telehouse
  • -  any activity which causes dust or smoke is prohibited. Please contact the service desk if you have any questions regarding acceptable activities
6. Additional Information
Useful Telephone numbers (24/7 service): 
Service Desk +44 (0) 20 7512 0080
Security Reception & Access Requests +44 (0) 20 8431 4751
Delivery Team +44 (0) 20 7512 4459
First Aid Station
Security (Ground Floor Loading Bay)
+44 (0) 20 7512 4499
Switchboard +44 (0) 20 7512 0550

Telehouse operates Bytes restaurant for the benefit of Telehouse employees, clients and visitors. Bytes is located on the ground floor of the North building and open from 08.00 - 16.00 Monday to Friday offering breakfast, lunch and afternoon snacks. Outside of these hours, Telehouse provides vending machines located within Bytes to dispense light snacks, plus hot/cold drinks. A microwave oven is also available for your use.

7. Maps
Fire Assembly Point and Key Areas Map A
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