If you are an overseas based company, growing your business and expanding your infrastructure in the UK can be a daunting proposition. Here we examine the issues around growing your UK business, if you are not based in Great Britain.

Today many overseas businesses are struggling with the growth of their IT infrastructure in the UK due to limited resources in their home country. Very few will have a large IT team on the ground in Britain; and high travel costs, limited staff availability, together with complex logistics can make business expansion a very complicated process from an IT point of view.

Justifying a budget to send engineers to the UK or employing specialist staff on a regular basis to build infrastructure in Britain can be challenging, especially if the costs are ongoing and impact on the business case for growth. So what can an overseas based business do to overcome this?

The answer is in identifying a local partner that enables them to manage costs, while enabling infrastructure and business to grow. However, it can be difficult to identify the right partner if you are not based in the UK. Understanding the local market, having the knowledge and expertise to set up the most efficient IT infrastructure, and enabling growth in the long term are challenging prospects.

Well here, Telehouse can help. As one of the longest established data centre providers, we can look back at 25 years of successfully supporting customers with their remote IT operations. From initial consultation to procuring, designing and maintaining customers’ IT infrastructure, Telehouse continues to provide a full end-to-end service saving customers time and money.

In addition, Telehouse has built up an extensive partner network over the years, which enables us to draw from a wide range of resources to design the most efficient solution for your individual needs. For example we have strong links with leading data centre hardware and maintenance solutions partners to procure and install the best performing hardware for your mission critical systems. Through our partners we are able to offer customers a multi-vendor outsourced maintenance service from our Docklands Campus.

If you are examining how to grow your business, or how to improve the operational efficiency of your UK IT infrastructure, contact your account manager or e-mail [email protected] today. We will be more than happy to walk through your challenges with you.