London, UK – May 8, 2018 – Telehouse, a leading global provider of data centre services, today announced further expansion of its North Two data centre, located at its London Docklands campus. Telehouse North Two opened its doors in 2016 with two floors of colocation space and two additional floors are now open. The build-out of these floors has been brought forward in response to the increased customer demand for high density, scalable space in London resulting from the acceleration in the adoption of hybrid cloud strategies by enterprises, digitalisation and the evolution of technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR) and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Enterprise IT priorities have shifted with applications being distributed over a number of different cloud services and platforms. Optimisation of these platforms both on and off -premise in addition to managing costs within a secure and reliable environment, are key concerns for enterprises undertaking digital transformation according to Penny Jones from 451 Research at a recent Telehouse event. Immersive technologies like VR have become more mainstream, particularly in the gaming sector. The increase in the number of connected, data intensive gadgets entering the market and consumer trends such as visual networking – streaming and sharing video content; require high speed networks, efficiency and connectivity.

The expansion of Telehouse North Two will provide vast data storage, high density compute power and networking facilities for enterprises using and developing these new technologies, in addition to private and secure access to leading cloud service providers. North Two offers a highly connected environment with access to over 530 businesses flowing into the Docklands campus including the London Internet Exchange (LINX), a global leader of internet exchange points that has been driving traffic internet traffic through Telehouse for more than 20 years.

Ken Sakai, Managing Director of Telehouse Europe said

“We are pleased to announce this development for our latest addition to our data centre campus, Telehouse North Two. With digital transformation and multi-cloud architectures shaping the IT landscape and the evolution of technologies like AI and VR, North Two is well positioned to meet the intense data storage and computational power requirements of enterprises and to provide access to our highly connected eco-system of leading cloud service providers, carriers, mobile and content providers and internet service providers that comprise the Telehouse Interconnect.”