As consumption continues to grow and remote working becomes a long term requirement, Telehouse is investing heavily in its European infrastructure to provide a future proof offering; one that guarantees uptime, offers close proximity to key markets and provides direct access to the changing IT ecosystem.

Sales and Marketing Director at Telehouse France, Sami Slim, recently discussed data centre trends and the future of the industry with Capacity Media. In the video recording, Sami talks about the history of Telehouse and ambitions for the future. “In Paris, next January, we will be opening phase 1 of what will become double the size of our existing capacity, and 80% of the space is already gone. In London, we will be adding 30 megabytes to our famous Docklands campus and in Frankfurt we will be adding a new building to our existing facilities,” says Sami.

Speaking about how Covid-19 has impacted the industry, Sami states “I like to think of the pandemic not as a growth driver by itself, but more of a growth accelerator, meaning that the growth that we would have had in 10 years, we would be having in 5 years.”

You can watch the video below.

The latest edition of Capacity Magazine features ‘the big interview’ with Telehouse Europe Director of Sales, Mark Pestridge, on what the growing demand for data centres will mean for the Telehouse model.

Speaking to Capacity and Data Economy, Mark Pestridge discusses how things have changed over the past 30 years since Telehouse opened its first colocation centre in London. He explains how Telehouse has been driving green initiatives, expanding the London Docklands campus and how Telehouse is focusing on the evolving customer needs, by remaining as the most interconnected data centre campus in Europe. “We can’t deliver a service unless it fulfils customer demand and customer demand has changed massively over the last three decades,” says Mark. He adds: “What we are also seeing is enterprise customers beginning to understand that colocating in a multi-tenant data centre gives them economies of scale, efficiencies, and enables them to leverage some of the cloud providers while housing their back office environment in a facility they can manage remotely.” Read the full article here on pages 54-55.


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