New £135 million data centre will further improve connectivity at London Docklands campus

Telehouse Europe has launched the first phase of Telehouse North Two, its new £135 million data centre in London, and has marked the occasion by confirming the London Internet Exchange (LINX) as a partner. With two floors of secure colocation space immediately available to early adopters, Telehouse North Two will cover 24,000 sqm of gross floor area across an 11-storey building within Telehouse’s existing 73,000 sqm Docklands campus, ideally located very close to the centre of London.

In addition to LINX, several other new and existing customers have already registered their interest in purchasing space within Telehouse North Two, following advance tours earlier this year.

The investment in North Two further enhances connectivity at Telehouse’s Docklands campus, already the most highly connected data centre site in Europe, with direct access to a diverse range of connectivity partners. This enables Telehouse to meet the growing demand from Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) and Over-The-Top content providers (OTTs) resulting from the rise in cloud adoption and the increased demands for content. North Two will provide the infrastructure for its existing and new customers to expand, with direct connections to its base of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and Application Service Providers (ASPs), carriers, mobile and content providers, enterprises and financial service companies.

Telehouse is the primary home of LINX, a network that effectively provides the backbone to the UK’s internet, and is one of the largest sites for internet traffic exchange in the world. Telehouse’s carrier-neutral Docklands campus was opened in 1990, and LINX traffic has been travelling through the site for more than 20 years.

LINX has more than 700 members from around the globe and Telehouse hosts the vast majority of this UK internet peering traffic through its Docklands campus. With this movement of data, low latency requirements for networks and financial services is a given. However, increased performance pressures for video streaming and gaming for example, mean that proximity and connectivity are now more critical than ever. The siting of LINX within Telehouse North Two, will meet any increased demand for low-latency data flow, or high volume traffic exchange through the hosting of powerful 100 GE capable routers.

LINX is delighted to offer its services to Telehouse customers within North Two. With the North Two data centre, Telehouse have again shown they are at the forefront of data centre development,” says John Souter, CEO of LINX.

“Our relationship with Telehouse goes back more than 20 years and it has enabled us to transform London’s Docklands into one of the world’s leading global internet hubs. This partnership is only going to grow in importance, with the new facility delivering greater connectivity and capacity as internet traffic continues to grow.”

Hiroyuki Soshi, Managing Director of Telehouse Europe says: “The partnership between Telehouse and LINX has driven innovation and progress in the UK and worldwide, leading to unrivalled connectivity. The launch of North Two will further drive the industry to reach new heights and allow businesses to grow exponentially.

Telehouse North Two will be the first multi-floor data centre in the world to feature a vertical Indirect Adiabatic and Evaporative cooling system, delivering a power usage effectiveness of 1.16. This innovative technology positions this facility as one of the greenest data centres in the world.

It will combine efficiency and connectivity with peace of mind and is the only UK data centre that owns an on-campus 132 kV grid substation directly connected to the National Grid, reducing transmission losses and providing exceptional power density and service continuity. The site has a total power capacity of up to 73 MVA, which includes a capacity of up to 50 MVA from the substation and 23 MVA from six additional commercial power feeds.

The facility also boasts unrivalled levels of security, with gated entrances manned 24/7 and more than 400 movement activated CCTV cameras.

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